Magical Jar: Natures Tenderness in a Jar

 Surabi Diwakar,   Founder & CEO

Surabi Diwakar

Founder & CEO

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and one of the skin's primary functions is protection from external factors likewise, hair does the same. Taking care of the skin is equally important as the other organs as skin sheds daily it will not be tomorrow the same way it is today. What a person eats regularly and what goes inside the body are equally important as what one applies to their body, as a known fact is one feels better when they look better. The market, however, is overrun with numerous cosmetics and skincare items made of chemical base solutions. Magical Jar, a south India-based skincare brand, offers tip-to-toe skin care products that are handmade, with zero chemicals, cruelty free and made up of organic substances. Authentic natural skin care products contain no artificial ingredients. They are the right combination of natural oils, plants, fruit extracts, and acids. These products effectively treat and nourish the skin. These Skin care products are harvested directly from nature is one of the best way to get and keep skin healthy.

To spread awareness among society about organic products, Magical Jar has a massive product line. The brand contains over one hundred and sixty plus products for men, women, and a few babycare ranges. Everyone has different hair and skin issues everyone is different, so the brand takes care of every individual's concerns. The founder started the company on 5th July 2018, keeping her grandmothers formulas as a foundation the journey started through her Instagram page.
Value for Money Products
The organic skin care market is evolving at a rapid speed. Thecompany has the potential to minimize the risk of reactions harsh chemical substances by harnessing the natural potency of organic ingredients. Though when it comes to pricing the organic products, the prices are a bit higher than the other product, the company can manage the proper pricing for the right product. The products are packed in small quantities so that they can target every class of society and their quality remains intact. The global certification bodies have recently pointed out that the organic skincare market is growing fast and have mentioned that India is becoming one of the most potent organic skincare markets.

Our vision is to stay committed to creating 100 percent chemical free, natural products at an affordable price

"I studied at Meadowlands to earn a master's degree in bio technology. I was looking for a science and biotechnology related information. So when I learned that so many people wanted to try organic products, one of my friends encouraged me to do the same. As follows, when the idea struck me, I had just completed my master's degree and had only Rs.900 which was borrowed from my friend. I began my journey by using ingredients from my mother's kitchen, such as coffee powder and turmeric, and later I started selling through social media and received orders”, says Founder and CEO Surabi Diwakar, Magical Jar.

Moreover, the company's workforce consists of ten online and office line people. The founder manages the business's production division, where it all starts. The personnel then assist in carefully placing the goods in the proper packaging. Then, in accordance with the daily orders received, labelling and packaging are accomplished first rate logistics are involved throughout the delivery process. Besides, this firm also has a team for maintaining the website and marketing this team designs the posters to keep answering the queries and reporting stories. The company views itself as its competitor in this cutthroat marketplace, contrasting yesterday with tomorrow. The company's vision is to stay committed to creating 100 percent chemical-free, Natural products at an affordable price, providing mass products made up of Super safe ingredients that have been tried and tested for months and served as the product's inspiration.