Makers Hive: Build, Break & Revolutionize Things!

Pranav Vempati,Founder & CEO
Pranav Vempati, Founder

APJ Abdul Kalam once said,“Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.” Challenging the entrepreneurial hazards of the nation sometimes brings out the much needed patriotism in an individual. It makes understand the surrounding social environment, the necessity to bridge the gap between the developing and the developed nations. Being an RND expert at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)Ignite for a considerable tenure, Pranav Vempati was to move abroad for better opportunities but he finally decided not to. He founded Makers Hive, a company that’s designed and developed for India,following the words of his mentor Prof.M.S Swaminathan, also known as the father of Green Revolution.

Products by Makers of the Hive
Makers Hive is currently occupied in four domains that have the ability to make a positive impact on the current economy of the country. First in the list is the Evergreen Revolution dedicated to the farming population of the country. It is providing 13-14 service based solutions to the
farmers to increase productivity and business of their yield. “We are already in talks with the Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh state governments to implement the concept of Evergreen Revolution in each of these states”, says Pranav. Makers Hive is currently in conversation with International Rice Research Institute and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations to work in collaboration with them on this sector.

"The Evergreen Revolution is providing 13-14 service based solutions to the farmers to increase productivity and business of their yield"

The second product of Makers Hive is the EMG prosthetic hand for the disabled people, designed to provide a cost effective replacement of the conventional wooden hand. Pranav asserts, “There are similar kinds of prosthetic hands available in the west but their pricing will be somewhere around 38-42lakh. What we are building right now would cost less than 1.5-2 lakh. We are already in talks with the Indian Council for Medical Research and also the World Health Organisation for possible collaborations.”

Drone technology serves as the third vertical of Makers Hive. “We are using it for wildlife conservation, mining, volumetric analysis of mines, and agriculture. The minister of State Home Affairs
Mr.Hansraj Ahir took interest in this initiative of implementing drones for security purposes and also how they could be useful with respectto agriculture”,he mentions.

The fourth quadrant of Makers Hive comprises of their innovations in mixed reality. “Here you can talk about any person; he will be recorded in a green screen with about 140 different cameras and then creating that person's 3D image just like a hologram and finally augmenting it into the real world,” adds Pranav. Currently, there are only 5-6 mixed reality capture studios in the entire world and Makers Hive is sitting on the first mixed reality capture studio in collaboration with Ford Reviews here in India and it's going to be the first colossal capture system in all of Asia.

The Future Plans
As it stands, Makers Hive is currently operating with an employee strength of 35 inside a 10,000 sq. ft building and it plans to build a village of 4000 people who will come together to solve all the national problems related to technology. Makers Hive also happens to implement a healthy and employee friendly work culture which is also open and pet friendly and all the employees are allowed to bring their pets. Pranav concludes,"I don't have a vision for a single product as such because it's not about a single product but the idea of Makers Hive is to solve real world problems using technology."