Manjeera Digital Systems: Breaking the Barriers in High Performance Computing

Venu Kandalai, Founder & CEO,Srini Chandupatla, COO & Co-Founder

Venu Kandadai, Founder & CEO

The emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has brought about revolutionary changes across various verticals of the business ecosystem, especially in the automotive sector. There is a growing need for a high performance computing ninja to bridge the technological gaps that are expanding day after day. Manjeera Digital Systems is one of the companies extending its reach from the heritage city of Hyderabad that designs next generation computing architecture for the execution of high performance computing.

The inception story of Manjeera dates back when Venu Kandalai, Founder & CEO, Manjeera Digital Systems was working on processor platforms trying to accelerate different types of computations mainly in the domain of consumer electronics, he felt that if only the processor is slightly enhanced the world could do these computations better. Because of the technology called artificial intelligence which is becoming important for every application he understood that we have reached the limit of performance from the existing architectures and shifting
to something new. “This is something we thought about 5-6 years back & eventually came up with UMA (Universal Multi-function Accelerator) which is about 100 times faster in computing with low power consumption”, says Venu.

The Impact as Observed
The UMA series of products are implementable for a wide range of applications such as Server Acceleration, Edge Computing, Node Computing, Computer Vision and Signal Processing among various others. Manjeera’s Middle Stratum Operations (MSO) based architecture creates a transforming technology thus bringing about a fundamentally different approach with exponential performance and lowered power consumption. Venu Kandalai is the mind that was primarily put into use while developing these technologies and planning the UMA range of products as is observed by Srini Chandupatla., Co-Founder & COO.

Srini thinks that the generation is thinking of newer architectures and articulates some important features that must be taken under consideration while designing the technology for a processor. He states, “High performance, optimized energy consumption so that the battery lasts longer and it should be programmable to be used in various applications. Most importantly, it should be cost effective with a small silicon footprint and we have achieved all of it. Today, we have the best processor technology, in terms of the amount of power consumed to the amount of area that the chip occupies. This is how we are making a difference in the market.”
Growth & the Road Ahead
The applications of the UMA range of products seem infinite considering the recent structure of the industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) are the two technologies that are subject to gradual growth in the country as well as globally. The UMA designed by Manjeera can efficiently be the right solution for AI powered applications thus making them more technologically advanced along with enhanced performance.

Srini Chandupatla, COO & Co-founder

Organisations like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), INTEL, NXP and several others have shown both interest and appreciation for this technology and are in the current client list of Manjeera on the grounds of their UMA range of products. Expressing the good will for the company, the founders conclude, “With the help of the technology developed by us, the entire world of computation will revolutionize which will show a new way of computing which will have the capability to make an impact on the AI, ML and Computer Vision domain.”