Mapplinks: Anchoring Startups & Businesses through Professional Digital Marketing Services

Rishabh Dev,Founder & CEO

Rishabh Dev

Founder & CEO

The Internet is one of the most efficient and cheapest media of reaching out to people. India has about 40 million small and medium scale businesses out of which only five lakhs are online, and these numbers need to increase if the companies want to reach their customers and raise their profits. RishabhDev, the founder of Durofy, started Mapplinks in April 2014 with a vision of getting these largely ignored segments of businesses online and providing them user focused, integrated digital marketing solutions. Before founding Mapplinks, Rishabh used to work with a pool of 50 freelancers of different knowledge and skill domain. Though there was enough revenue flowing in, the lack of cohesiveness as a unit created an apparent cultural difference between agencies and companies. Rishabh realized that it could be improved by defining and formalizing the process as well as to bridge the gap between the industries and agencies; Hence, Mapplinks was incorporated.

Concrete Array of Services

Mapplinks is a user focused creative integrated digital

Mapplinks key value offering is the innovation that it houses; it is one of the first agencies in India to adopt Twitter & Instagram advertising, Snapchat,and even leveraging Tinder as a platform

marketing agency that provides end-to-end digitalmarketing solutions through social media marketing, SEO, branding, search engine marketing, web analytics, content writing, mobile apps and such related services. The marketing and branding specialists at Mapplinks collaborate, build and empower the clients to lead their brands and set them in motion. Being an ‘E’ shaped agency, the company has depth verticals in graphics designing, social media marketing, and web development. The web development team is competent in coding all kinds of websites, designing user engaging UI/UX and developing web apps. Mapplinks key value offering is the innovation that it houses; they are one of the first agencies in India to adopt Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, Snapchat, Periscope and even leveraging Tinder as a platform! Thus, the start-ups who work with Mapplinks always get the first movers' advantage when it comes to channel marketing. Since many of the traditional businesses are gradually warming up the idea of digital marketing, there is a raving demand for formal digital
marketing training. Rishabh launched Mapplinks Academy in 2016 to provide first of its kind, comprehensive training with live projects and hands-on experience in digital marketing sphere.

One for the Kitchen, One for the Soul

“We love what we do, money is just incidental to what we are doing, and this translates into greater care and finesse in our client projects,” elucidates Rishabh. Mapplinks strived to be self-sufficient and had a recruitment rate of one employee per month in its first operational year which is commendable for a small agency. Since many of the clients are bootstrapped start-ups, the initial retainers are kept relatively low and scaled upon client’s growth, hence focusing on symbiotic growth. “One of the prime reasons Mapplinks was born is because we love start-ups. We love the ecosystem, the enthusiasm, and the culture. We love to be a part of their story!” asserts Rishabh.

Down the Road

Mapplinks employs a heterogeneous workforce of experienced and home-grown talents for operation and strategic efficiency. The company likes to keep the workforce below 15 to keep the goal focused and employees closely knit. Currently operating from two offices in Bengaluru and Delhi, Mapplinks is one its way to launch India’s first growth hacking institute later this year.