MarkSpace Media: Arms around Your Business Interests

Saeed Shaikh, Azharuddin Sayyed & Amit Apte,Co-Founders"It was just one of those normal days when Amit Apte and Azharuddin Sayyed decided to meet each other over a casual tea session. Deliberating about their future career plans, they discussed about the challenges & lack of learning prospects they had perceived in their respective workplaces. Being thoughtful about the monotony that had crept in their lives, they decided to set up their own venture. Generating the idea, they both decided to connect with one of their peers, Saeed Shaikh for better suggestions. But, as it is said everything is destined, they found that Saeed’s career was pretty much in the same boat as theirs and he was willing to step out. Thus, three of them united and pen down their ideas that further led to the foundation of MarkSpace Media."

Founded by three friends with a collective experience of over fifteen odd years in sales and having worked with leading companies, MarkSpace Media endeavours to be a customer-centric and employee friendly. Explicating on the journey, Saeed Shaikh, Co-Founder & Managing Director, MarkSpace Media, says,
“As three of us came from the same background, choosing sales solutions as the line of business was a simple choice for us. Therefore, deciding to what we are best at we established MarkSpace Media.”

MarkSpace Media caters to more than 25 clients across sectors and has achieved 95+ percent of customer retention with an upscale of 4000 percent in revenue

Human Touch, Technological Results
Surfaced as a B2B Lead Generation, Demand Generation & Service Company that offers an array of IT & IT enabled solutions that are customized, competitive &consequential, MarkSpace Media offers its services into classified areas viz.-'Business Optimization'&'Information Technology'. Foreseeing that most of the companies tend to take the stereotypical approach, MarkSpace Media stands out in the foray. Understanding the client's requirements and identifying to deliver the outcome that is worthwhile, the company broadens the scope of its capabilities by aligning it with customers’ business interests.

MarkSpace media pinpoints customer’s business interest as it pivotal focus. Assisting businesses by incorporating & implementing an efficient sales & marketing plan aimed at Customer Gaining, Retention & Management, MarkSpace today proffers
its services in three segments - B2B, IT & BPO. Some of the key services include Lead Generation, Appointment Garnering, Event Traffic Optimization, Data Management Solutions, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Web Designing, Social Media Marketing & In-bound services.

Implementing a process 'DigiStep' and elucidating on it, Saeed avers, “Through DigiStep we try to help clients who are not running a specific set of campaign with us in a specific territory but we still promote their product for free and help them analyse the territory trends and suggest them the kind of conversion if required.” He adds, “We try to deploy the utmost starting right from locating the key influencers to customizing our efforts with the client needs.”

A Leader in B2B / Lead Generation Space
Headquartered in Pune with having offices in Colorado, MarkSpace Media aims to help the IT companies with their marketing strategies and generate maximum RoI. With an impeccable work culture, the company today caters to more than 25 clients across sectors and has achieved 95+ percent of customer retention with an upscale of 4000 percent in revenue. Explaining on the journey ahead, Saeed concludes, “Soon we are going to leverage our services to inbound based ventures and are also going to increase our employee base to 500 by 2019. Being recognized as an organization that is distinguished solely for work we also want to be one of the top 3 companies in B2B/Lead Generation space.”