Mash Virtual: Creating a perfect blend of 'Hi-tech with Hi-touc'

Aarul Malviya,FounderMash Virtual, an IT and Technology solutions and services providing company specializing in the area of Application Development for Mobiles, Wearable and Streaming devices is the brainchild of Aarul Malaviya. The company testimonies a budding entrepreneur’s passion and dedication that transformed his dreams into reality. From his early years, Aarul was keen to be an entrepreneur. While he was studying ‘B.Sc. Digital Media Development’ at University of Winchester, UK, he learnt about AR/VR. During the summer break, he took on some internships which gave him the opportunity to try his hands on developing AR/VR enabled projects.

With series of thoughts related to using AR/VR in education, Aarul eventually zeroed in about the possibilities of projects his enterprise could do that could be termed as innovative, futuristic and solving some problems of people. Blending the virtual and the real-world to make something new, Mash Virtual thereafter came into being.

Mash Virtual is known to create applications for mobiles, wearable and streaming
devices. In all of their applications, the team is working towards integrating AI, MI & ML to improve user experience while using the applications. For instance, one of their popular apps called 'Echelon', targets the School Education Ecosystem i.e. Students, Teachers, Schools and Parents.

Best known to be a customer driven organization with personal touch on one side while using technology on the other, Mash Virtual offers a range of products that work primarily in the education sector

“Our aim for the app is to help the users become Future Ready and prepare students for the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous). This we do via different activities, game based learning and game-based assessment. Through AI, MI & ML, we are working towards better understating and profiling our users, thereby being able to provide better services,”explicates Aarul.

The company has covered a wide range of AR/VR technologies like the AR Core, AR Kit, HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and more which is still untapped by others. “We are currently working on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics into our applications that gives MASH Virtual the edge that it has been conceived to be,” shares Aarul.
Mash Virtual- The Excelsior of Virtual Reality
Best known to be a customer driven organization with the personal touch on one side while using technology on the other, Mash Virtual offers a range of products that work primarily in the education sector. They have an application for the School ecosystem, a product for the English language test prep market. The products include VR based experience and AR enabled application to help students prepare for the test in a more engaging manner.

“Our products benefit the users in different ways. For e.g. our school app allows a user defined school search leading to its user ratings and reviews, connecting students, teachers and parents. We aspire to see the future and work towards developing products and services to be future ready,” he avers.

In addition to this, the company combines education and entertainment to create applications for edutainment (games for education). They already have created experiences for their clients which include Listening, Reading Writing and Speaking. “Currently we are working on providing educational applications that will help children become ‘future ready’. Our app uses the AR and VR environments to engage children while integrating AI & ML to profile them,” he adds.

With supportive mentors and experienced team, Mash Virtual is reaching greater heights of success. The company will continue to invest in research in the areas of new and emerging technologies to ensure that it remains ahead and is able to be and remain to be a market leader.