Maskon Brand: A Branding + Digital Agency

Two industry mavens, Nitish Bhatia and Asha Raj came forward to redefine the marketing and branding existence by availing their encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. Pooling their ideas and expertise together, the duo marked the dawn of a breathtaking brand building firm, entitled Maskon brands- a single window marketing company fashioning creative solutions to cater the branding requisites of both established and emerging companies. "Nitish has spent substantial years in the industry and brings with him stirring proficiency which he had gleaned while working in advertisement agencies in abroad. He availed this adeptness of his in moulding the brand image of various leading in India. To bestow his lore to everyone who intends to develop and market its businesses presence, he single-minded to initiate a venture of his own," narrates Asha Raj, Co-Founder, Maskon Brand.

The company is a perfect blend of both digital and traditional threads. In the light of which it has been concocting paired solutions like Branding & Communications, Web & Digital, Print & Packaging, and Media & Advertisement. Through these, it has been designing brand names, tag lines, digital marketing strategies, editorial, press activities and many such inter-related services. The end of view of the company is to be a voice of every brand and help them reach and make their ideas, expressions and objectives known to their targeted audience. Maskon Brand has not only kept its doors open to assist the big names in the industry, but also entertains the needs of the entrepreneurs who grail to make something big in the ecosystem. Asha adds, "My journey towards digital marketing began with Maskon Brand. I had been involved in the tradition scenario which has enabled me to know the market in and out. Both of us held up the view that both digital and tradition
power should be availed in order to constitute the best offerings to help businesses meet ends."

Maskon Brands's constructive solutions and the potentiality to build brands have turned many heads towards it in both the national and international platforms. Its overall growth has been very impressive in terms of revenue, clients and geographical presence. Rooted in Delhi, the company has extended its presence in other major vicinities of the country including Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bombay. It has set its foot in the foreign market and been served clients from Dubai. The company has so far worked with brands like Musical Chair, Sorbonne, Plexus, The Weight monitor and others.

Nitish Bhatia,  Founder & Creative Consultant ,Asha Raj, Marketing Consultant & Creative Director

"This successful outcome of our company depends on our innovative team who enthusiastically work towards the fulfillment of both our object of exercise as well our clients. We spent a lot of time and energy in making ourselves a creative studio that sculpts meaning brands implementing the print, digital and visual identity in the business environment," she asserts.

Maskon Brands's constructive solutions and the potentiality to build brands have turned many heads towards it in both the national and international platforms

What Lies Ahead!
Nitish and Asha intends to ameliorate the company's overall stature in the market. They are working out on the process of integrating new talents to aggrandize the produce of the company. They aim to create end-to-end creative marketing solutions to keep their customers gratified.