Match My Talent: Simplifying Subjective - ness!

Sonia Swaroop,Co-Founder & CEO

Sonia Swaroop

Co-Founder & CEO

Being a director, producer and researcher for nonfiction cinema, Sonia was closely aware of the Indian art and culture environment. She always felt that opportunities were not fairly visible and channels of fair trade and communication were impossible to exist considering the language, distances and subjective nature of art and entertainment. Globally, it has been about who knows who and how and that is hugely limiting for a segment that actually has no boundaries. Sonia and Vishwas got talking and came together to create something that would resolve the gaps prevailing in the system and would stay beyond their lifetime. A casual conversation between these two friends to create a meaningful venture with whatever they had in their own hands, sculpted the foundation of a dynamic organization `Match My Talent'. "Getting performing artists, producers/directors and other content creators to use dataforms and internet was the most fundamental but complex problem to solve. But we had to find a way to get past this and get to the real action. By immersing myself into deep research, talking directly to future users and learning the finer details of performing arts and technology, I came to an understanding and roped in the small technical team available at Vishwas' disposal. That was the moment when I knew that my vision of establishing meaningful structures into art & entertainment would come true," says Sonia Swaroop Choksi, Co-Founder, Match My Talent.

"With match my [talent] sonia intends to create neural networks & democratise 'access' in art, media & entertainment"

The exclusive search engine for art, culture, media and entertainment community to meaningfully engage and network, Match My Talent enables performing artists to exhibit their talent in a unique way and also facilitates the industry to search for them in exactly the way they have been traditionally doing, just via technology now.

Match My Talent enables entertainment professionals to network with one another,
over and beyond their existing connections, in a matter of seconds. The platform is designed to make ‘everyone' searchable and directly contactable yet in a way that sets each one apart from the other. Match My Talent is a combination of eye for detail and seamlessly woven processes designed for ensuring its commitment and objective of being a safe and progressive space.

The exclusive search engine for art culture, media & entertainment. Match My Talent creates a safe method for networking and direct engagement between highly subjective people, information and content

Match My Talent ensures meeting its commitment for relevant visibility, information, privacy, and direct approach ability by taking the pain and toughest route to do the most basic yet effective verification and quality check of each person, media and information on the platform."This is the time to do the legwork,build the highway and put together the first layer of credible community. Easy way out is not going to bring what is hidden and is precious" says Sonia.

The company offers a diversified service portfolio that is crafted keeping in mind the multiple personalities of people here. From enabling a single window registration for multi talented artists, a layered verification process, close guidance and support with deep quality analysis of content and data, Match My Talent provides useful tools for all phases of an entertainers day. Learning, research, showcasing, networking, collaboration and more. All of this without being an agency in between.

The Journey
With the entertainment industry being hugely limiting and small, the company had to battle through a series of challenges in order to maintain a strong position in the market. Lower literacy level amongst people from art and entertainment, the damage done by the mediator/agent culture, limited usage of internet and the barriers of distance and language had a crippling effect on the growth of the industry and proved to be some of the road blocks for Match My Talent as well. "An entertainers forever low selfworth, sometimes hidden behind a veil of ego, pride and survival-tactics kept bringing us back to square every morning" adds Sonia.

But by building various technology and human centric solutions, Match My Talent was able to take over the hindrances and emerge as one of the top players in this competitive industry.

The Roadmap
A bootstrapped company, Match My Talent is climbing the ladder of success gradually yet positively. Currently, the enterprise has over 40K users from both sides of entertainment. Industry clients and performing artists across all genres. After having a scintillating growth in India along with impressions from America, Australia and Africa, Match My Talent is launching the mega ecosystem by the end of 2019 that will bring out the first datacentric solution for a community which is extremely subjective and personal a choice for its paying customers.

"We are building Match My Talent brick by brick purely on our instinct, passion and deep rooted commitment to create value before valuation," she concludes.