Mavin RPO Solutions: You Got To Trust The Process

Mahesh Iyer,Director & Co-Founder

Mahesh Iyer

Director & Co-Founder

While the world fights the recurring impact of COVID-19, industries have felt the brunt of it on a sharper side. Nevertheless, businesses have got in the momentum and have swum through the rough tides demonstrating phenomenal recovery. Yet another important part of the conversation is how the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do things in the workplace in many cases for the better. Recruitment and hiring hasn’t escaped this new reality either. As such, it is more important than ever for companies to identify what has changed and evaluate which parts of this new normal in recruitment they will bring forward into the post-COVID world. In this battle, it is imperative to have as an alibi, an organization that can handhold a business to a successful, resilient and productive one. The face of recruitment as we know it needs a total overhaul and a revolution is due. Amidst this wind of change, Pune based Mavin RPO Solutions is a clear pioneer of transformation in the recruitment process outsourcing domain in India.

Synonymous to ‘Expert, adept, champion, genius, virtuoso, wizard’, Mavin RPO Solutions has struck the right chords to meet the new age expectations of businesses in the recruitment dilemma. Mavin RPO Solutions is a boutique RPO & HR consulting organization that assists clients to stay relevant in the marketplace, at the same time help them to design and execute a well crafted talent sourcing strategy.

A One Stop recruitment solution, Mavin RPO has built its foundation on 3Cs collaborative, consultative, customer trust. Accompanied by RPO partners, Mavin RPO ensures to be relevant to the customers’ problem statement always. Besides, Mavin recommends outsourcing to businesses if need be. Its effectiveness, lower recruitment cost and a quick start plug-n-play process provides for a good reason to opt for the same. “We focus on process as our epitome, and that’s what we are here for. Our recruitment solutions meet a wide range of recruitment needs. Today, while organizations are looking at outsourcing, focusing on tomorrow, we help them to build the organization together”, says Mahesh Iyer, Director & Co founder, Mavin RPO Solutions.

Mahesh brings 24 years of extensive people experience across varied specialties in the Human Resource Management, Training and Development and General Management space. A skill assessor, motivational speaker, an employ ability enunciator and a coach, Mahesh also carries over a decade of Talent Acquisition experience. With Mavin RPO Solutions, his vision is to assist organizations with their ever growing talent needs. Further, equip these organizations with a well crafted talent strategy, candidate marketing and engagement, deployment of D&I (Impact Hiring) programs and extend value based HR Consulting services to the vast marquee of its clientele globally.

Unique Industry Specific Approach
Mavin adopts SIPOC model (Supplier Input Process Output to Customers). In this supply chain methodology Mavin ensures that the talent identified and sourced to clients are of quality and are relevant to their business requirement. Mavin’s onsite RPO partners, third party personal services, Leadership and talent adequacy hiring framework and global mobility hiring have positioned it as one of the most preferred RPO partners in the market. More so, Mavin’s flagship, Graduate Talent Recruitment has won the trust of many. Mavin has recruited close to about 5,000 graduates across the country in the last three and a half to four years of its inception.

Most importantly, Mavin helps organizations to improve their diversity hiring. Being a boutique recruitment process outsourcing company, Mavin RPO has a solution that enables impact hiring. Through impact hiring solution, Mavin helps in talent identification for clients looking at a very inclusive talent scouting, thereby implying gender & ethnicity agnostic hiring, niche hiring for veterans return to work professional, and other disadvantaged professionals in the society. Mavin promises of an evolving talent practice with regards to impact hiring. This majorly
includes to simply improving the business outcomes for the clients, especially helping them to build a gender diverse organization. Besides a gender diverse global organization can build a long lasting socio economic impact.

Driven by extensive experience in the BPM, IT & ITES space, Fintech/ Payment Solutions space, Payment Banks and core BFSI segments to name a few, Mavin’s HR consulting services has assisted several organizations to design and structure their organization chart. Mavin has also partnered with Govt. of India for their skill development programs and employ ability schemes. Mavin further practices excellence in rebadging services in cases of merger and acquisition. Mavin essentially helps such organizations to rebadge their employees into a new work environment, there by performing the cultural setting and enabling a seamless transition from an existing organization to the acquiring organization.

The End-to-End Process to Trust
Mavin lives up to its tagline ‘Trust the Process’. The firm is sensitive to process governance and customer demand. Therefore, every candidate identified undergo a diagnostic check at Mavin’s end. Emphasizing on the fact that Mavin RPO is not a recruitment consultant, but a recruitment process outsourcing organization, Mahesh says, “We help organizations to just lift and shift their entire recruitment ecosystem to us. And we run the entire recruitment strategy, right from design of the strategy till its execution, thereby helping them save a lot of money and effort by not hiring recruiters under their own organization. We recommend our customers to outsource their resource management group into our arms and help them to build their organization together”.

Through the Ups and Downs
Mahesh discusses few of the challenges existing in the recruitment process for most companies today He mentions the lack of ability to hire the right talent for the right cost,influx of ondemand recruiting, and multiple Application Tracking Systems(ATS) leading to a complicated recruitment process.” Remedying, Mavin cuts down the lengthy process of hiring for its clients, which include screening, final employment, and everything in between. Right from talent identification, vacancy marketing, brand marketing, itching to candidates, completing the diagnostic checks, candidate’s ability to stick to the ground; as mentioned earlier, Mavin helps organization to seamlessly lift and shift the entire value chain of recruitment process to itself.

As for the on demand recruiting, Mavin helps businesses to accurately frame the job description for a candidate they are looking for. Right from scripting of the job description to laying the KRAs & KPIs, Mavin has assisted a plethora of firms to find their “right” candidate. For organizations struggling to cope with multiple ATS, recruitment stages and channels, Mavin laid the entire outlay of the process flow chart to one single platform. In fact, Mavin also wrote the whole documentation of the recruitment process for one of its important client, which helped them achieve their ISO certification too.

A Success Story built on Trust
A Success Storybuilt on Trust Mavin’s clients have shown the allegiance to Mavin’s motto of trusting the process. Thus, the company clocks almost 95% of on time vacancy closure. So, if a client is boarding the outsourcing bandwagon today, that’s only because Mavin has been the pioneering to replace “Customer First with Trust”. Mahesh rightly puts, “Until and unless an organization builds trust with a customer, it cannot have a customer first regime”.

Going forward Mahesh attributes the company’s success to the team and its inquisitive nature. He says, “As part of the Mavin RPO advantage, we are always inquisitive. It is in our DNA to be inquisitive and be curious”. This never rest attitude may well lead Mavin RPO to become the most preferred RPO partners, enabling them to build a better and an enhanced RPO servicing models in terms of a vertical approach. Mavin intends to deploy RPO Specialists for various verticals including banking, healthcare, shipping & logistics, etc. Mavin is also looking forward to spread its wings horizontally, catering to practices involving recruitment for HR or finance departments etc. within the organizations. Mahesh sums up saying: “the future for Mavin RPO is bright with an exponential growth in horizontal as well as vertical domains”. While that is true, one thing is evidently clear, Mavin RPO is the recruitment industry’s renaissance.

Mahesh Iyer, Director & Co-Founder
Mahesh is a dynamic and an innovative human resource professional with strong entrepreneurial acumen. He is a PCMM Level3 trained professional and a Certified Human Resource Professional. In addition he is certified and has developed his skills in psychometric assessment tools such as 15FQ+, MBTI, Thomas (DISC) Profiling, Chally Assessment & Trusted Consultant. Mahesh has witnessed many success stories in the industry, especially with Academia Connect. He has successfully rolled out numerous outreach programs, seeking access to over 30,000 graduate students, 10,000 fresh entrants and has recruited over 200 management trainees from Top B-Schools and Institutes.

Mavin RPO Advantage:
•Specialized RPO Partners
•Start up Capacity Building
•On Demand Recruiting
•Customized Recruitment Process Re-engineering
•Graduate Talent Hiring
•Impact Hiring D&I and Niche Hiring

Founding Teambrings with them an extensive consulting and recruitment experience. The team has successfully aided organizations to build and implement globally deployable future focused HR strategies and programs. They come with right business acumen and customer centricity to support clients to meet the ever growing talent demands.

RPO PartnersMavin’s RPO Partners are always inquisitive, and they come with an in depth recruitment expertise. Their talent sourcing approach is unconventional and relevant to the changing industry dynamics. Our RPO partners have always ensured to clock more than 95% of on time vacancy closure. They deliver Value on Investments for our clients.

Strategic Advisorsto Mavin RPO are the most sought after advisory and consultation gurus from the industry. They instill the belief in the team to position this firm as one of the scarcest boutique RPO firms in the country. Their guidance towards a well crafted Go-to-Market strategy benefits the sustenance and growth of the entire team of Mavin RPO and its overall business model.