Maxeed: Powering Smart Cities with Telecom, Utility & Solar Services

J Venkat,Business Head

J Venkat

Business Head

One of the key highlights of Smart Cities is about using digital & information technologies and communications services (including machine-to-machine communications) to help improve a city’s infrastructure and services. Telecom operators will need to invest in their networks and their software management systems to cope with a proliferation of smart devices and the new traffic patterns created. Fitting right into this vacuum for such requirements, the Managed Services division of Quess Corp Limited popularly referred to as Maxeed, provides an extensive range of Smart City Infrastructure services with a domain focus on: Telecom, Utility, Solar, Water Management and Waste Management.

With 130 Percent Improvement in Collection Efficiency for DISCOMS, Installation of over 50,000 Telecom towers in more than 15 states in record time, and Optical Fiber Cable Infrastructure deployment in some of the most treacherous sites, Maxeed has been
value to Customers. Maxeed offers comprehensive, tailor made and reliable services, to Telecom OEMs, Telecom Operators, DISCOMS, Utility Companies and EPC players. Maxeed enables clients to increase their touch points with end users and thereby contribute towards the reduction in management effort and cost. The company’s managed services model takes ownership and accountability of function deliverables in telecom and utility services. Ever since the inception in 2013, Maxeed has distinguished itself by managing SLAs across both these service sectors with remarkable success. The company has built tech-based solutions in such a way that they are user-friendly, stable and easy to scale & implement. In fact, the company’s strength lies in the ability to extend the reach and the capacity to ramp up the operations in record time.

Maxeed’s services are being deployed through 47 company run offices across 27 cities in India

Smart Metering & Solar Plants

Maxeed delivers Services and Solutions in Smart metering and Smart Billing space. The company’s process interventions, services and solutions have ensured that Power Distribution
Companies follow a fool-proof system of electronic data transfer.
Technology based solutions such as On-Spot Billing and Collection, and Smart Metering without Smart Meters i.e. Automatic Metering Infrastructure have reduced revenue leakages by manifold for DISCOMS. Maxeed’s services include Installation, Procurement, Logistics and Repairs & Maintenance of Smart Meters, Smart Devices, Smart Sensors, and Wi-Fi Devices. Also, Maxeed is a one stop services provider for installation & commissioning and post installation management of Solar Plants. The team at Maxeed ensures quick and safe installations, which improves power density and reduces the impact on operations. The company offers a wide range of operations & maintenance solutions for solar plants across India. Maxeed’s experienced set of Solar Industry professionals cater to EPC players, and Power Sector companies.

Maxeed’s services are being deployed through 47 company run offices across 27 cities in India. With 7 ISO certified lines of businesses, the company follows stringent quality standards and services clients of repute. The strength of seamless and intelligent tech-based solutions lies in the ability to extend the reach and ramp up operations in record time. “Since inception in 2013, the company was able to ramp up the business from zero to almost 6500 employees with a project worth 200 Crore INR presently and aims to reach 20,000 employees in the not so far future,” concludes, J Venkat, Business Head, Maxeed.