Mechons Industries: An Abode For Construction Equipment Machines

Setu Patel,Marketing And Sales Head

Setu Patel

Marketing And Sales Head

Globally, industries are evolving fast by adopting new age technologies and process execution systems, and it goes the same way around for the construction & infrastructure industry too. With rapid industrialization and urbanization in emerging economies coupled with the growing focus on the development of high-quality infrastructure worldwide, the construction and infrastructure industry is to witness greater growth. Also, highly contributing to speeding up this growth is the global construction equipment market.

Where its global market value had been estimated as $133.37 billion in 2020, the industry is set to grow at an increased rate of 6.6 percent and reach a whopping $222.14 billion in 2028. This growth graph amidst an ever increasing scope and opportunist sector has stirred interests in various individuals and companies to shift their focus towards the construction machinery industry. Ably, Mechons Industries- an esteemed manufacturer of an exceptional quality assortment of Brick and Block Making Machines is one of those unleashing this opportunity. Founded in 2018, Gujarat-based Mechons Industries is the brainchild of Setu Patel (Founder and Marketing & Sales Head) and Dipesh Parmar (Technical and Production Head) under whose aegis it has been growing exponentially till date.

Innovative & Unique Approach
Setu mentions, "Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy, and at Mechons everyday we make mountainous efforts to create & innovate more better products, keeping nature and environment as the center point, which will help make people's lives easier, comfortable and economical with sustainable growth & development". Walking up the hill with a vision of offering the best quality products, the company ensures to keeping the need and requirement of its clients at the epicenter and develops the products that are imbued with latest technology in market and at the same time cost-effective.

Such integration of technology can be seen in some of its machinery equipment which it has developed using the advanced Indian
technology in technological collaboration with the German and American Technologies, and it has led the company to become India's first Concrete shaping technology which is 100 percent designed and developed inhouse in India.

Mechons' approved assortment of Brick and Block Making Machines range from Automatic Brick & Block Making Machines to Hydraulic Block Making Machine, Hydraulic Paver Block Making Machines, Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Plant, Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine, Vibrating Table and Rubber Moulds. These products have unique facets of their own to an extent where some of them are its monopoly and possess several advantages over other parallel products in the market.

In this current age of cut-throat competition, embellished with the latest state-of-the-art production units (spread across an area of 25,000 sqft.), the most advanced and highly R & D department equipped with latest machineries, latest 3-D Design, animation & analysis software (for developing full proof products) and a well-equipped laboratory (for all testing and practical trials of all prototypes), the company strives to uphold its core values, and offer just the right thing achieving the well targeted position in the segment.

Fly ash bricks machinery concrete block machinery inter look paver machinery automatic batching plant brick/paver/block moulds vibrating table/rubber mould

A big part of Mechons' such great success in a short span on time is backed by a prolific team that constitutes young & creative minds that are highly experienced and qualified enough to do better. What adds more repute to Mechons' list of products is its strict compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certification by EGAC and IAF, Quality Management System certification by ICL, and IEC certification by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. In addition, it's also undergoing the TUV Certification Process.

The experts at Mechons' scrupulously ascertain that all its production & assembly units follow strict rules and guidelines keeping all the quality standards, processes, and procedures in check on a regular basis. It is this disciplined effort of the organization that has bestowed it with significant opportunities of being nominated for Best MSME Award consecutively two times in the year 2019 & 2020.

"Such great success in a short span on time is backed by a prolific team that constitutes young & creative minds that are highly experienced and qualified enough to do better"

Future AND Further
Being just a four-year old startup, Mechons Industries has come a long way growing exponentially at a prolific rate acquiring good position and satisfied customer base YoY. Further, dedicated towards analyzing new products & techniques, the firm aspires to be on top providing the most advanced & economical Concrete Shaping Technology with Smart and Hybrid Machinery in India.

With an applied practical approach, keeping the vision & mission of the company at its prima focus it has already carved a roadmap till 2030 which will be bringing in a list of products like Smart Auto Batching Plant, Total Mixing Solution such as Turbo Twin Shaft Mixer and Hybrid Planetary Mixer, New Age Rapid Crushing & Screening Systems, Complete RMC & Hot Mix Plant, and other Concrete Solutions in the market in coming years.