Mediadekho: Bringing a Single-Window Advertising & Marketing Solution for National & International Brands

Atul Khampariya,  CEO & Co-Founder

Atul Khampariya

CEO & Co-Founder

Like in other global marketplaces, India's advertising business plays an essential role in moulding customer attitudes toward products and services. Several corporations' brand memory has depended simply on the balance of their commercials over the years.

This is where Media Dekho Services (Mediadekho. com) has carved out a position in the market as a reliable platform that offers comprehensive and cost-effective PR, public relations, and content marketing services to national and international brands. Mediadekho. com is a digital portal that acts as a one stop shop for all media advertising services. also has additional existing and planned projects/brands such as Startupsdekho, Storydekho, Talentdekho and Comedy dekho, that are designed to satisfy the specific needs of the clients. For instance, the firm is also promoting artists and influencers through another endeavour venture called Talent dekho.

Creating impact, Driving Growth & Visibility is a full service media company with a devoted team of seasoned professionals who have been playing an imperative part in the field of media for years. The firm offers a comprehensive media plan for all types of advertising demands, including print, TV, Radio, digital, PR News Publication, and other specialized initiatives. was founded to assist startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations
and media agencies, focuses on providing a single window media plan as per the client’s target market audience and budget.

“Today, the market dynamics are changing rapidly, wherein, creating and promoting a brand that stands out from the rest can be a bit difficult. We at deal with all of the leading national publications in digital PR and print media, as well as leading business magazines and business news sites; thus making us an ideal partner for startups and entrepreneurs looking to promote their business and brands vision next level”, says Atul Khampariya, CEO & Co-Founder at

We offer comprehensive & costeffective PR, public relations & content marketing services to national & international brands promotes its client's business via an Omni channel outlet that handles all of their promotional operations. Regardless of the client's size the team creates the ideal approach to increase their brand's visibility in numerous national and international magazines. has become a trusted platform to promote a brand vision of startups, entrepreneurs & companies in national and international media spaces.

Further, Atul Khampariya has also stated that the time has come for marketing representatives from any organization, including startups and leading brands, to realize the value of Digital PR and Brand stories published in media networks to take their brand vision to the next level. simplifies the process of connecting brands to media networks where brands and companies can share their brand stories journeys, News, Press releases, products & services launch updates on leading news and media publications in various formats like Digital Print TV Business shows, and more.

"The beauty of public relations is that it allows you to turn your own development into a tale. A story you can tell your customers and prospects", shares Atul. If the narrative is compelling enough, it will be shared and reshared by everyone in the vicinity. And it is here where the magic takes place.

Going forward the brand would be continuously integrating the latest methodologies and techniques to aid businesses to stay abreast of the market volatility and help them spread their wings across geographies.