MedSapience: Affirming the Counterintuitive Concept of Offering Advanced Technology at Low Cost

Vijay Rajvaidya,Founder & CEO

Vijay Rajvaidya

Founder & CEO

The concept of exploiting higher-level technology to bring down cost is the X factor that thrust mobile phones to be a ubiquitously triumphant phenomenon. Motivated by the similar counterintuitive idea, Vijay Rajvaidya leveraged 27 years of his IT experience in Silicon Valley – the heart beat of technology innovation, and fathered MedSapience. Hence, it is not surprising that the San Jose headquartered company founded in 2013 has not just developed a world-class product that would typically take at least five years for others, but also acquired an impressive customer base across India. It’s now looking forward to launch the product in, East Africa, Middle East and U.S. markets.

Steered by the leadership’s prowess in artificial intelligence and analytics, MedSapience team built Doctor-G, which enables any healthcare institution (single doctor practice or huge hospital with medical college) to reduce 20 percent of operational cost from the very first day. Clients don’t have to spend hefty cost and time for implementation, adoption or training, since there is no need for any hardware/ software installation at customer's site for
this remunerative, cloud-based product with highly intuitive interface. In fact, Doctor G Easy the basic product is completely free of cost.

Our product will empower healthcare institutions to create a more efficient and error-free environment at low cost

Plentiful Offerings with Hidden Complexity

Materializing the philosophy of ‘Machine is supposed to do the routine operations intelligently and humans should add value above them’ sets MedSapience apart from 99 percent of its rivals. For instance, Doctor G intelligently fills out the forms to be compliant with government regulations and mails them electronically. This unifying product ties every aspect of hospital service including complete patient care (admitting patients, allocating beds and scheduling surgeries), pathology lab automation, accounts & finance, insurance company integration, HR module, document storage, tele consultation, customer (patient) support, inventory management and many more. It even helps the executive management to administer the performance of doctors and nurses.

By connecting Doctor G with high-tech equipments like MRI machines, doctors can access all the outputs along with complete patient care flow from any where
through mobile devices. “Our product will empower healthcare institutions to create a more efficient and error-free environment at low cost,” says Vijay, Founder & CEO, MedSapience. “We take immense pride in the fact that albeit our leadership works from Silicon Valley, the actual technology execution happens completely in Bhopal, which isvery ably led by Maneesh Mohanan, the Director of Indian operations,” he further adds.

Not Just Treating but Preventing Illness

Judging by the rapid advancement in healthcare technology, they guesstimate that the person who will live healthily for 125 years has already been born. Contributing towards this, MedSapience’s ‘Vision 100 plus’ aims to have 100 years as the average age of humans by creating more products around Doctor-G. Amidst the mountain of ideas, the one that stands out is the company’s proactive emergency care module. In this, Doctor-G will regularly derive data from a person's various consumer health monitoring devices (measuring blood pressure, sugar and other vitals) and makes these devices talk to each other without patient’s influence. While this helps patients to attain preventive medication twenty days before his health breaks down,it also helps healthcare providers to take ownership of their patient’s health.This will facilitate patients to proactively take care of health and not just treating illness; especially in India where most people are still running for last minute post event treatment.