Megan Services: A B2B Car Rental Company for Safe & Secure - Real time Commute

Bharat Arora,Founder ,Shweta Grover,Co-Founder

Bharat Arora,Founder

Shweta Grover,Co-Founder

While most transport aggregators are busy pampering its customers with superficial discounts like the 'First ride free' toeing the investors' money, Megan Services,a car rental company based out of Gurgaon is heavily investing in business operation and technology that provides safe, secure, and transparent billing services to its corporate clients across India.

“When the budget is tight, the question of sustainability strikes. And, we cannot work on losses. Hence, we shifted our interest towards providing quality services to the corporate clients,” asserts Bharat Arora, Founder & MD, Megan Services.

The Journey of Megan Services
Initially, when the company started its operations in 2012, they started as a normal transport company where they provided premium car rental services to its clients. There were those initial hiccups. But with their lean team approach and open to change the company was able to overcome initial hurdles, without any setbacks. Also,this helped them pave a perfect gateway to a transparent billing system to the corporate clients where by they developed
a state-of-the-art mobile application platform that gives an end-to-end transparency to all its clients.

Megan Services offers services to more than 50+ corporate clients, including OLX,PwC, YUM GROUP, IKEA GROUP, PEO India, Fenesta Windows, and Nokia amongst others

"If we talk about the billing systems that are available in the market, it still generates paper slips. Obviously, a lot of tempering happens here. Where people can raise the kilometres, erase time, and temper the meter. So we came up with a solution, which is a mobile based application that is directly linked to the Google API," mentions Bharat.

The outcome-it gives their clients a 20 percent cost savings on their monthly and annual budget. "We do have the data to show," avers Bharat.

The Goals are Simple: Safety & Security
With time,appeared the 'Panic Button', a feature integrated by Megan Services, to ensure the safety and security of the female passengers. But, this alone was not very convincing for the team. Hence, they later came up with a unique solution, where by the company associated with a couple of NGOs to join hands for the cause of the safety and security of women passengers. Today, they have around 12+ female chauffer's in the Delhi - NCR region alone. "We are
trying every bit to break the stereotype that exists in the society, and are providing women the newer method of employ ability, which will be a perfect solution for safety and security of female travellers, be it working professionals commuting late at night or female employees travelling to outstations."

Every quarter, Megan Services comes up with new upgrades to enhance the experience of the customers. "We have installed GPS systems, so that, the admin or the security officers can track the where abouts of the vehicle via the mobile application. Also, we have recently launched complimentary WiFi services in all our fleets.

The Road Ahead
"At Megan Services we ‘Drive with Pride,’ and that’s the value we are trying to deliver," says Bharat. All their chauffeurs follow professional etiquettes to meet the standards of the clients. Also, all of the fleets are brand new, and includes sedans, SUVs, MUVs, luxury vehicles, tempo travellers. "Recently, we bought a 41 seats Volvo Bus," mentions excited Bharat.

Growing 40 percent YoY the company has come a long way from where it all began. Initially, started by two people, today, the company has grown into a full fledged 100+ member team, including the chauffeurs. "Women empowerment is a very big thing. People are only talking about it, but nobody is working close enough to give them employment. We are trying to do our bit, to give them employment, give them the opportunity, so that, the nation prospers," concludes Bharat, on a positive note.