Meri Farmaish: Crafted For You!

Tripti Dayal,FounderWith majority of the Indian women from rural and semi-urban areas still caught in the cultural shackles of the society where they do not have a choice of going out and working a job, their career takes a setback and they are forced to sit at home. The worst case scenario arises when their family is in need and even after being qualified and possessing the required skills, she is not allowed to go out because of cultural and societal norms. Tripti Dayal was very much aware about the situation and suddenly she felt the urge to do something about it that would not only help these women but would also help her give something back to the society. Combining her love for painting and art and knowledge of traditional craft of crochet and knitting, she came up with the idea of 'Meri Farmaish'- a platform through which she would teach the same to the underprivileged ladies as a means of earning money by sitting at the comfort of their home. "At present, there are many women in the country who are not able to take up a job because either they are not qualified enough to get a good one or they are care-takers of kids and senior citizens in the family."Soon, I realized this fact and decided to provide these women with an opportunity to earn from home. I found that Alibaba was selling these items at good prices. I felt that Indian ladies too can
make these and sell. They only need a good platform and some skills to do so," says Tripti Dayal, Founder, Meri Farmaish.

A culmination of the big ideas- Women Empowerment, Skill Development and Make in India, Meri Farmaish is helping women craft products starting with yarn crafts like crochet, tatting and knitting. Right from the supplying of the raw material to training the ladies in the craft by teaching them to hold needles to create the finished product, the startup is exposing the women to different crafts and teaching them to weave products of international quality. From home decor pieces like coasters, table mats, toran, clothing, baby products and gift items to jewellery and yarn sculptures, Meri Farmaish not only tutors them on making a product but also help them sell that particular piece through its website.

Not only that, a customer can actually order any design or pattern that they have seen anywhere and they will make the product for them. "Quality is the prime focus of our company. At Meri Farmaish, we are educating the enthusiastic and willing ladies and providing them with access to international quality designs thus helping them to reach the market," asserts she.

A culmination of the big ideas- Women Empowerment, Skill Development and Make in India, Meri Farmaish is aiding women craft yarn products

Empowering women by training them in traditional crafts like crochet, embroidery and knitting; Meri Farmaish has made a big difference in the lives of many aspiring women by facilitating better access to the market. "Our mission is to develop Meri Farmaish into an ETSY -like a platform where any crafter can come and sell their products. We are also planning to introduce new products on our platform ranging from glass painting, handicrafts and bamboo craft items," she concludes.