Metre Per Second: One Stop Solution for all Automobile Needs

Chandra Shekar,Founder & CEO
Chandra Shekar, Founder

Youth gives an individual, the spirit to break free and create something that conventions won’t support. All it takes is an entrepreneurial mindset and the will to thrive. Chandra Shekar was in his fourth year of engineering when he ventured into the auto tech domain and registered Metre Per Second, a multi-brand car service provider as a company. “I was extremely motivated by the start-up environment and didn’t want to waste the valuable time only thinking of starting one”, says Chandra Shekar, Founder. It was in February, 2016 that Metre Per Second started functioning as a company. The location being Hyderabad, it was readily selected for T-Hub from where Chandra started the operations.

Metre Per Second was the first car care expert to launch doorstep service in Hyderabad. This was implemented with the sole vision to maintain proper transparency in the business process. The founder wanted the customers to know everything they are paying for. “If we are taking the vehicle from the
customer and giving it to the garage, the customer isn’t getting exposed to the procedure and the nature and quality of parts the mechanic is putting to use”, says Chandra Shekar.

"Metre Per Second generated a revenue of 10 lakh in its first year of business which grew up to 43 in the second"

On top of this, the strategy of time optimisation added further value to the doorstep service. Metre Per Second renders the needed car care within 90 minutes from the time of booking. By then it had already joined hands with UrbanClap and automatically became the default option for any car repairing service that was registered through the UrbanClap application in Hyderabad.

The road to development became more promising with Metre Per Second’s partnership with Ola. “We used to provide outstation cab inspection and also worked on one of its categories popularly known as Ola Play. For the entire Hyderabad location, we were the ones to install Ola Play to all the Ola cabs. We efficiently finished it in three months”, asserts Tata Uday Kumar, CMO.

This growth further accelerated, after the company joined hands with which operates as an online platform for buying and selling of second hand cars. This collaboration has only been 1.5 months and is primarily targeted
towards making it as Droom’s default car repair expert for Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. Tata Uday Kumar further revealed,“They are also eager on collaborating with us in Chennai as well.”

The Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2016, Metre Per Second has grown and catered to the areas of Hyderabad where the IT revolution is on the rise and people are well informed about updating their respective vehicles. “From 2016 to 2017, our involvement in the market grew rapidly. A lucky break, may be some divine grace, we got associated, we got associated with Ola for whom we provided our car care services to as many as 30 to 40 cars every month”, says Chandra Shekar. Metre Per Second generated a revenue of 10 lakh in its first year of business which grew up to 43 in the second. It has developed business relations with the Hyderabad Management Association and has also become a part of Start-up Warangal
Marching forward with the good work and good will, this company aims to become the one stop shop for every possible automobile requirement. Bandi Sharan Kumar, COO, explaining about expansion plans, says,“We are working to capture the market in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana by 2019 and after that we plan to expand to the cities of Chennai and Delhi eventually.”