mFilterIt: Creating A Vanguard for Brand's Digital Legacy

By Dhiraj Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO

By Dhiraj Gupta

Co-Founder & CTO

The era of connectivity & digitization has brought many benefits, but also many new challenges. Digital integrity ensures accuracy by preventing crucial aspects from being corrupted or modified. This is especially critical in industries that rely on data to make judgements, such as healthcare, law, and business. It has become critical to have a trustworthy and reliable digital ecosystem devoid of frauds and scams perpetrated by bots or other criminal forces.
mFilterIt is a new-age firm that safeguards digital integrity across platforms. The company believes in the power of deep tech and data science to help its customers achieve transformational success. It provides customers with a comprehensive view of their digital journeys by giving them realtime accurate data that enables them to assess their returns on digital investments.

Devising Objective-Driven Solutions
mFilterIt takes pride in being a forerunner in restoring confidence and transparency to the digital ecosystem by providing genuine and authentic human contact over digital. Today, the company caters to over 500 clients in 15 countries across the world. mFilterIt offers a wide range of cutting-edge IT solutions with a focus on providing quality services in the
most efficient manner possible. The whole team works in tandem with customers to design solutions to their specific needs.

mFilterIt's Ad Traffic Validation solution is a full service adfraud protection suite that uses integrated infrastructure to boost ROAS. The company's team of data scientists and technology professionals is constantly innovating technologies and methods to protect clients' digital spends across all media platforms, resulting in valid traffic analysis and fraud detection solutions for both app and online campaigns. This ML based platform offers end-to-end operational service support to customers and protects companies against all sorts of digital ad fraud across numerous user touch points, such as bots, geo fraud, click injection, bogus user data, ad pixel stuffing, and misleading advertisements, among others.

The Mobile Identity Suite from mFilterIt delivers mobile authentication and identity management to safeguard your customer journey from fraud and hassle while also improving user experience. Going online brings with it the rising issue of dealing with internet frauds such as identity theft, account takeovers, customer data theft, and DDOS attacks. Also, when we look at ways to avoid frauds, we often find solutions that are tilted towards security, but the brunt is borne by users in the form of added friction in the user journey.
User experience is critical in business, especially in areas that deal with impulse purchases. Each increase in friction leads to user drop off, which erodes the business's bottom line. mFilterIt provides a unique Mobile Identity Solution that is aimed at marketers looking to transition from point security (OTP) to end to end security.

mFilterIt's Brand Hygiene Portfolio gives clients complete visibility and control over initiatives that highlight the brand's online reputation. Keep assets away from high risk digital content for both app and online to protect brand reputation. By recognizing and eradicating digital infringements and counterfeiting, the company's tailored solutions assist in preventing income loss and brand abuse.

“We specialize in protecting your digital estate. We give value to your digital spends, strengthen your brand's integrity, protect your reputation, and ensure that your brand's legacy lives on. mFilterIt has become the go-to choice for companies worldwide, driven and powered by best-in-class name technology,” concludes Dhiraj Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO, mFilterIt.