Microsense Networks: The 'Go To' Service Provider for Complex Wired & Wireless Connectivity

Sujit Singh,  Executive Director & CEO

Sujit Singh

Executive Director & CEO

Connectivity is essential for nearly all transactions today. Mobile apps are used for ordering food and groceries, booking taxis, banking operations, and other similar services. Remote control of equipment is getting increasingly common. Although these facilities are highly useful, planning, deploying, and maintaining the infrastructure needed is a complex affair. The services of specialized agencies, capable of handling the ever going demands, customized delivery and other nitty-gritty, are required to make this revolution a success. Microsense Networks is one such organization, working with connectivity as its main focus meeting all the complex connectivity needs with finesse

Microsense Networks is a global technology company engaged in the design, integration, and supply & services of non-customized and customized connectivity solutions spanning various complimenting mediums & technology. Microsense Networks offers plug-and-play, state-of-the-art, wired and wireless infrastructure, Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Rooms, Guest room management systems, Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots, shared in-building solutions (IBS), and multi-device communication systems for uninterrupted remote connectivity access. The company has several use cases globally, to its credit.

Adding to the business interest, Sujit Singh, Executive Director & CEO, Microsense Networks says, “Our interests and desire to create something new has propelled us to conceive innovative products that are simple to the user, no matter how complex the back-end software and hardware can be. This pedigree is driving our innovations in the IoT space and is delivering Smart & Converged Connectivity solutions for the Enterprises, Hospitality sector, Co-Working & Co-Living Spaces, Retail & high-end integrated Gated Communities".

Technology Solutions with a Futuristic Approach
Microsense Networks is associated with Wi-Fi technology since itcame into existence. Internet connectivity is the company’s strength and hospitality and the retail segments are its major clientele. In the hospitality segment, Microsense Networks uses Wi-Fi and IoT solutions to create smart rooms with the TV as the intelligent, IP device. The user can browse the net, view OTT content, check bills, place orders, and even check-in and checkout on the TV screen. Further the same user interface on TV or a Smart Phone can control the lights, curtains and Air conditioners in the room
remotely. The facility is customizable and works with Android and IOS. It also keeps a log of the clients’ preferences based on their earlier interactions.

In the retail sector, Microsense Networks has facilitated cloud-based Wi-Fi hotspots in malls and retail communities. Clients enjoy Wi-Fi facilities while analytics help the mall owner assets the footfall and study clients’ preferences regarding outlets and products. The facility is location-based, Wi-Fi enabled and IoT supported. To resolve the issue of weak signals on higher floors in high rise buildings, Microsense Networks deploys a common host infrastructure called IBS solutions at the property. Using IBS, telcos can redistribute the signals across the property for effective connectivity.

A Pioneering Company
Microsense Networks is a unique organization in several ways. It was the first to have a Wi-Fi hotspot in a hotel when Wi-Fi was not yet available on laptops and smartphones. The company is self-sufficient both in hardware and software requirements. A unique offering of the company is its special Wi-Fi facility in Co-Working office space. The service acts as an additional layer of security and permits the users to create their unique IDs and passwords. Software-as-a-service is a recent concept. But Microsense Networks, with its managed services, has been providing this facility to its clients for almost two decades. All these factors differentiate Microsense Networks from its peers.

Microsense Networks makes use of state-of-the-art technologies for its operations. Currently, the company utilizes Wi-Fi6, the latest in Wi-Fi technology. The company leverages different technologies to provide the best to its clients. Using an innovative approach of application driven automation, the company helps clients, with budget constraints, to obtain and use its products.

Microsense Networks has succeeded even under trying circumstances. One of the success stories isthe work carried out forits client at the Sirata Beach Resort, US. The resort was working with a legacy networking system. Microsense Networks, using its latest technology, successfully integrated a hybrid Voice, Data & Video network on Wi-Fi across the property. It is an example of the company’s expertise and competency.

Microsense Networks works with different segments such as hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, enterprise, real estate, and telcos. The company has worked with industry giants such as the TATAs, ITC, Hyundai, McDonalds, Marriott, Foreign Embassies and several others.

Sujit feels, one of the success factor of Microsense is, the company does not outsource and is self-reliant. Be it for developing customized Software, designing a complex Smart City Network, Installing Hybrid Networking elements of diverse technologies or for extending a 24X7 Network Centre support, all of them is managed in house with its own skilled resources & talent.

Microsense Networks plans to play a dominant role in the retail segment by offering converged voice, data, video, and location-based services. Smart rooms will help the company retain its hold on the hospitality sector. The company is working with niche partners to provide its clients with the best in hotspot 2.0 technology. The company plans to expand its services to the Middle East and Southeast Asia shortly. The Services of Microsense Networks are in high demand with over a Thousand customers in their kitty. With India moving on a growth trajectory, the company looks forward to a bright future.