Milmila: Developing New Social e-Commerce Space

<span id='nme'>Prasun Sarkar, Founder & CEO</span><span id='nm'>Team Milmila</span>,The Indian social e-commerce industry beyond the shadow of any doubt is enormous and has revamped the conventional style in which businesses were pulled off. But the fact of the matter is that it is not burgeoning at the speed it is supposed to. It is still at a nascent stage as compared mentioned in the same breath as the international expanse. The root causes of this circs are many which are fortunately being worked upon by the wheeler dealers of the industry who wish to take the social e-commerce ecosystem of the country to a next level.

Prasun Sarkar and his team, optimistic go-getters had single minded to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian social e-commerce ecosystem by breaking the monotony in which it functions. To mould this end in view into reality, they brought into being Milmila a S2B2C e-commerce platform devising innovative and in reach solutions to sort out global sourcing problem interims of quality centric unique products for RESELLING for pan India Resellers & Retailers. It emancipates the Resellers with ingenious products of finest quality and design across the globe. "The enlarging ecommerce sector do esentice the attention of significant investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and the captains of the industry. And in the recent years, we have seen many venturing out in the domain, ploughing great money into it. In spite of such participation, the industry is enduring slow expansion. This enkindled us to introduce the new concept of S2B2C which
denotes Source to Business to Consumers,"says Prasun Sarkar, Founder & CEO, Milmila Reseller Application.

This contemporary measure introduces three pivotal steps i.e. Zero investment into the business setup, Scale up to generate demand and Fulfill local/global demand. On the whole, this concept bolsters up the young and budding minds to become entrepreneurs in a simple yet effective manner. It appears to be a platform that intends to calm down the difficult situations in the social e-commerce space by empowering the next generation entrepreneurs, enhancing the quality and supply of products and maintain transparencyin the demand and supply proceedings. Apart from these, Milmila forks out direct sourcing/buying on bulk, available on demand sourcing/buying. They provide global sourcing support and door to door supply solution with quality assurance. These facilities are devised to provide both buyers and sellers with quality services & products, defect control, sourcing support & logistic, safe & secure payments and more such fringe benefits. "It brings with me a decade of treasured experience. Dedicating seven years of my professional life to one of the greatest venture Alibaba headquarter in Hangzhou, China, enabled me to understand the stumbling blocks in the path of young entrepreneurs. So me and my co-partners, under the mentorship of Bhushan Patil(Ex VP Paytm and Alibaba) decided to help them tackle the problems they face in establishing themselves in the ecosystem,"Prasun avers.

Milmila forks out in RESELLING space, empowering social sellers(MSMEs)with Global and Local Sourcing solution

Heading towards Advancement
A VC funded firm, Milmila has directed its steps towards prosperity. In the very initial year,it has raised about three Million USD, instituted three offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Hangzhou, China. Milmila has made about Rs.10crore revenue in its very first year and is still counting. As far as its other achievements are concerned, it has earned 1,00,000 + B2B customers(Average GMV per order 10K), 1+ Million registered users and 2+ lakh Resellers (Small Micro B's).

Being a company that believes in innovation, it is all set to contrive new technologies and features with the motif to make social e-commerce activities more efficient, comfortable and flexible. "We are currently supporting 20000+ pan India pin codes aiming to expand to the North East regions along with all the T1 & T2 presence by 2020. Our ultimate goal is to empower new micro business people such as women at home (Home Makers), fresh graduates(students), Low income aspirants, Small retailers and those who have entrepreneurship mentality," Prasun concludes.