Mix Box: Offering a Wide Range of Delicious Snack Products

  Sameer Goyal,  PartnerThe food & beverage industry in India is constantly changing and evolving. It is expected to develop with growing disposable incomes, increasing participation of women in the workforce and increasing double income families. At the same time with growing awareness the choices of the consumers are also changing rapidly and entrepreneurs are fine tuning their business models, streamlining processes and offering consumer specific products. Pune based Mix Box understands the marked shift towards healthier lifestyles and healthier eating preferences of consumers. It brings several new products with the same approach to give the goodness of several Indian food items in their natural form with modern flavours to make it tasty to consume and appeal to all age groups.

Mix-Box, a brand of Chordia Products delivers a wide range of delicious snack products, manufactures roasted snacks like makhana, soya puff, chana, peanuts roasted mixtures. “We have recently launched roasted flavoured soya puffs that are a tasty way to add soya to our diet. Our roasted flavoured chana & peanuts also give the goodness of the age old items with modern day taste to appeal to all age groups while also providing a healthy snacking option. We are soon launching
‘Protein Sev’ a sev made out of pulses flour which is naturally rich in proteins,” says Sameer Goyal, Partner, Mix Box.

The Beginning
A great success in business grows from just one tiny seed and it’s what drives people to make their big idea a reality. Mix Box is one such small yet potent idea turned into a business. It was by chance that the founders found out that the benefits of makhanas are immense and awareness about the same is growing rapidly. “We believed that this was a great product and we had to bring it for the consumers in a new avatar. We took an ancient Indian superfood and gave it pinch of modern flavours to bring a healthy & tasty snack for consumers. After studying and understanding the product in detail, we did a trial run of our product which was very encouraging and hence we decided to launch it formally,” informs Sameer.

Mix Box has been consistent in quality and fair in business dealings thereby earning the trust of its vendors, partners & consumers

With a dedicated and close knit team which carries out all the tasks efficiently Mix Box follows a culture of open communication wherein it encourages its team members to own up to any mistakes they may have made without offering excuses and improve upon them. This gives them a feeling of ownership & empowerment which motivates them to work in the best manner.

The Road Ahead
Mix Box is ruling the market for almost two and a half years now. It has been consistent in quality and fair in business dealings thereby earning the trust of its vendors, partners & consumers. From trial offering the products to having a presence in markets of Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore, Mix Box has carved a niche in the food industry. It is tapping the modern trade channel to increase its reach further and to take it pan-India. The team is keen on exploring the online channel and the distribution channel to increase its presence in new geographies. It is also present in Reliance Smart stores across entire Maharashtra. Now, it is looking to expand to other states & cities. “We want to grow to Tier I & II cities in several other states of India. We are working on and soon launching new innovative products which we are confident will appeal to the consumers. We are also exploring export opportunities,” he concludes.