Mo Mantra: Empowering Brands with a Success Mantra

Ankit Nalotia                      ,    Founder

Ankit Nalotia, Founder

With the change that is prominent in the marketing and advertising industry, there is no denying the fact that newer inno-vations are being implemented everyday with newer faces to praise for them. From advertising through radio in the 80s, the industry directed itself towards TV Advertisements that reined the industry. Perhaps, a founder from the Mumbai start-up ecosystem is right detecting that the advertising industry is an ever evolving industry."TV advertisements still exist but the country has undergone the New Media revolution. Things which weren't possible six years ago in the field of marketing and advertising are more than just possible now. New boundaries have been achieved. We started off five years ago as a creative agency only. It has been only 18 months that we have added digital into our line of services and we
reintroduced our selves as a creative and digital agency", says Ankit Nalotia, Founder, Mo Mantra.

"Performance beyond commitment & obedience of timeline has been the key to Mo Mantra's stupendous success"

The Beginning
Hailing from a small town in the state of Odisha, the zeal to grow was always present inside Ankit who reviewed every advertisement he saw inside his mind since childhood. He was quick to devote himself completely to the entrepreneurial challenges that are no easy feat for someone as young as him. Being from a business family and having creativity in mind, he single-handedly founded Mo Mantra back in 2014.

"Back then, we were more of a nontech startup. Then we started associating with good people in the industry. Significantly in the area of design we started libe-rating ideas and experiences. We started adding people to the team. We started exploring social media marketing and services kept getting added. For any client, we start at a brand strategy level as in restructuring of identity. Under digital media we provide social media marketing campaigns. We want to sell the utility of a product, the experience of that product", states Ankit.
The Road Ahead
It's been close to five years since Mo Mantra first started its operations. Ankit takes much pride in the fact that the company has generated double digit growth year-on-year since inception. Going up the ladder never seemed much of a problem and as a matter of fact, clients have retained their partnerships with Mo Mantra and have entrusted their advertising and marketing responsibilities on their shoulders. Ankit says, "We have worked with businesses across various sectors which include real estate, pharma, tours & travels, FMCG and several B2B brands in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad among few others.

"The company started with only three employees and as it stands, Ankit has built employment for 20 people who are now dedicated employees of Mo Mantra. Expres-sing the good will about the company and the future that lies ahead, Ankit concludes,"There is no doubt to the fact that digital advertising and marketing is the need of the day and is going to be an integral part of this industry in times to come. Personalisation of content is what we are stressing on the most now. The more personalised the content becomes, the better it gets for advertising."