Molbiogen: Advanced, Reliable and Affordable Technologies for LifeScience Research and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories

Pranjal Sharma,  Director
Pranjal Sharma, Director

India is gearing up to become one of the most prominent players in the global life sciences space, powered by its recent economic growth and a desire to add biotechnology to its portfolio. But still, most of the biotech research and educational institutes across the country are deprived of availing quality products and services in the fastest possible timely mannered. The reason may be one followed by multiple others. But the most significant among many is the geographical terrain or the physical diversity. And, North-eastern State of India is no exception. The region lags far behind in bringing in the most advanced, reliable and affordable technologies and research aspects right at the doorstep of the lifescience Research and diagnostic laboratories.

One such company that was quite quick to trigger the huge underlying gap and emerged with the promises to fetch the best-in-class products & services from some of the world's leading companies direct to them is Guwahati based Molbiogen. A first-of-its-kind company in the Life Sciences space in Northeastern India, Molbiogen aspires to establish itself as a leading laboratory solution provider across the East and NE region of the country.

“As a postgraduate in Agriculture biotechnology with acquiring an
Executive Business Management Program degree from IIM Calcutta, I began my professional career working with some of the prime diagnostic and lifescience companies. During my last stints at Roche, I was able to figure out the dearth and thought of starting something of my own that could fill the gaps pertaining to meet the unmet needs. In 2013, Molbiogen came into existence,” speaks Pranjal Sharma, Director, Molbiogen.

" Growing at an amplifying rate of 35-40 percent YOY, Molbiogen leverages to provide equal opportunities for employment, development & advancement "

Molbiogen as a next-generation venture led by a team of ten people drives to redefine the way of giving service through its technically sound and professional equipped distinct approach. The company is a complete solution provider of Lifescience Research and Molecular Diagnostics attuned with most advanced, reliable and affordable equipments, consumables and diagnostics kits.

As one of the fastest growing Life science Research Distribution House that caters to Top Academia and Research Institutes, Molbiogen tries to provide total lab turnkey solution to its customers. It deals with three segments– ‘Equipment, Consumables, and Services’. Pranjal avers, “We invest a lot in creating a solution and are committed to maintain the highest standards by keeping the price low and meet on-time delivery expectations.”The array of product & service includes Molecular Biology Consumables, Life Sciences Research, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and more. Additionally, other products are Realtime PCR, Thermalcyclers, Gel documentation systems Biosafety cabinets, Incubators, Water Bath, Shaker Incubator and so on.
Citing its flagship, Sharma asserts, “One of our flagship diagnostic customer is Babina Diagnostics, an Imphal based Diagnostics Center with fully-automated advanced molecular diagnostic platform. Though they were a pioneer in that space, we approached and made them understand on genotyping and sequencing platform and how they can help them to get new samples and accurate resultants. Today, they are not only are involved in HCV genotyping and conducts viral load testing with -solutions provided by us.”

Betterment and Good Science – a noble thought!
The company has partnered with leading manufacturing companies like Hair, Qiagen, Bio-Rad, Thermo Fisher and more to render high quality scientific and molecular diagnostics products, right from Thermal cyclers to Spectroscopy. Some of the notable clients include Gauhati University, IIT-G, Tezpur University, NATCO, ICER, Dr, Reddy’s and more. In addition to technology, the company has introduced the HPV Detection mechanism and inculcates latest applications for turnkey solutions.

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified Molbiogen is a young organization driven by passion, courage, and Integrity. Growing at an amplifying rate of 35-40 percent YOY, the company leverages to provide equal opportunities for employment, development, and advancement. Pranjal concludes, “With adding new products, we are planning to have our own equipment manufacturing process unit and an R & D and serve across the East & NE.”