Molitics: Delivering the real essence of Indian Politics

Anudeep Jaglan,   Founder

Anudeep, Founder

The mass media's influence on the ethics of public life, as characterized by the press' watch dog role, is assumed to be vital to a democracy. The effectiveness of this watchdog role is less clearly understood considering the current scenario. There seems an absence of transparency on many levels - its control, ethics, laws, technology, organization, and the content of news stories. While most of the media firms are said to deviate from the core objective of strengthening the democracy by informing the people, it at the same time creates great scopes and needs for startups – specifically in the political media domain. This collectively with the ever-increasing mobile internet consumers’ size also remains a motivating cause behind the establishment for such sort of startups.

One such startup is Gurgaon based Molitics - the media of politics. As the first ever app and web-based political social media, Molitics is intended to empower democracy. More than just a political content aggregator, Molitics provides the
real essence of Indian politics covering all the political happenings and information such as political news, election results, leader's and constituency's details. Besides, it provides users with a platform to raise their issues and get involved in various political discussions.

“It is not easy to run an online news platform in the era of propaganda and fake news. But if you stick to the ethics, truth and principles and choosing the right platform for interaction with masses, you will attract the people and this is the case with Molitics,”says Anudeep Jaglan, Founder, Molitics.

The Value of an Idea
An engineer by qualification, a lecturer by profession and a creator of significant developments by nature, Anudeep has a thorough political and social understanding courtesy his family background. This has enabled him to have a clear picture of the electoral processes, the pain areas of politicians, the sufferings of voters and the gradual weakening of democracy because of a gap between political leaders and voters. During his graduation, he has given political consultancy to regional leaders further taking part in all sorts of political discussions. These practices have in due course paved his path towards establishing the first ever sociopolitical media - Molitics.

Since then, Molitics has carved a niche in the industry as a political news/content aggregator. All of the news disseminated are aggregated
from various media sources and news agencies, cross verified from other sources (Data, Video, Image, Verified Twitter Handles), edited by the team of experts and then published. Molitics houses some of the best talents in the domain of Technology, Content and Digital Marketing. “Passion is the one word that keeps the team motivated. We work as a family where everyone has an equal chance to express their ideas in order to make the company grow. No deadlines but dedication, no rules but self-regulations and no constraints but the wisdom drove freedom is what drives us,” he mentions.

The Future is Bright!
Molitics began functioning with a viewer base in Haryana, Delhi and Gujarat and now has an extensive viewer base in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, among others. With the increase in the viewership base, Molitics has acquired several projects in more than 80 Lok Sabha Constituencies for 2019 General Elections, several assembly constituencies, to name a few.

Having played an important role in various state elections and the ongoing General Elections, now the company is looking at its expansion in countries having a democratic system of governance. “For this, we are in conversation with various organizations. The market research is being carried out for the same,” he concludes.