MoneySpring: Personalized, unbiased, wealth management and investment Platform

Sanjay Pekam,FounderThe current era is envisaging a surging awareness among the people about financial investments making it a tempting arena to participate and grow. As mutual funds and investments have become the talk of the town in recent times, the Indian financial investment sector is gradually flourishing owing to the advent of many key players.

Grabbing this opportunity to introduce modern technologies with the new age investment instruments by replacing the age-old traditional investment options, MoneySpring was established in 2018 as a novel Mutual fund Investment platform. Headquartered in Pune, MoneySpring is one of the finest wealth management start-ups of the country making investing a simple option with customized investment plans and innovative contemporary schemes.

Products and Services
MoneySpring caters to the various financial goals of its clients depending upon their needs in terms of mutual funds, insurance, FD, and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) using top-notch up-to-date tools such as SIP calculator, Lumpsum calculator, EMI calculator, and Fixed Deposit calculator. "Under the insurance domain, we provide financial protection to you and your family at an affordable cost along with the flexibility of choosing your policy and premium payment terms. We ensure the Increase in cover at future milestone events in your life with Life Stage features without the hassle of fresh medical underwriting. We also adhere to
Policy specific additional Rider Benefits and Tax benefits as per prevailing laws.

Under our FD section, you can deposit a lumpsum of money for a specific period, which varies for every financier. Once the money is invested with a reliable financier, it starts earning an interest based on the duration of the deposit. In PMS, our investment philosophy includes BUY and Hold strategy leading to low to medium churn there-by enhancing post-tax return, identifying emerging stocks/sectors, classifying potential long-term wealth creators by focusing on individual companies and their management bandwidth and purchasing a fraction of great business at a fraction of its true value", quotes Sanjay Pekam, Founder, MoneySpring.

A Smooth Transaction Platform
When it comes to the advisory role of the MoneySpring, it ensures transparent advisory to the customers, easy and smooth monetary transaction, long-term relationship, along with security for personal and financial data. "By assessing your current financial situation and understanding your goals and resources available to you, we customize an investment portfolio.

We try to maintain maximum transparency with our customers by providing complete information on performances of various mutual fund schemes, their NAVs, and comparison with other funds. Investors can read about different mutual funds schemes, compare their performances and even compare them with other investment options available in the market. A smooth transaction platform, MoneySpring provides hassle-free transaction assistance to all its customers," states Sanjay.

Along with the major objective of building a long-term relationship with its customers, MoneySpring emphasizes on maintaining the data privacy of customers efficiently. "With our unbiased advice and transparency of all terms and conditions we continuously work to gain the trust of our customers because our aim is not to serve you once but for the lifetime. We do not share the personal and financial information of the customer investing with us to any third party. Keeping your data safe and secure is our sole responsibility," explains Sanjay.

By the virtue of a proficient team comprising of seasoned and experienced professionals who have spent several years in the investment and technology industry solving problems, MoneySpring's founding team draws experience and expertise from the domains of wealth management, lending, insurance and technology product development. With some of the greatest industrial influencers to help in its highly successful and laudable journey, MoneySpring is backed by the smartest minds in Technology, Business and Venture Capital to aid in its journey of becoming one of the premium wealth management brands in the future.