Motoadda: Premium Automotive Services & After-market Spare Parts

  Avinash Rao,    Founder & CEO

Avinash Rao

Founder & CEO

The 'Great Indian Auto e-Commerce story' is unraveling at a breath taking pace. India has the fourth largest market and seventh largest producers of Automobile in the world. Automobile sales in India are now under going a digital transformation. But when it comes to services and spare parts, the after market has always had the advantage over OEMs. The availability of after market spare parts is more than the OEM products which is why the quality also becomes an important factor here. However, the after market spare parts industry is largely fragmented in India and there is dire need to aggregate the manufacturers and connect them to the vendors as and when required.

This is where MotoAdda has taken the initiative to solve this problem. Including automotive services, it has a complete marketplace for after market spare parts with a very strong connection with the vendors. It is MSME registered at 36 Promenade Road, Sindhi Colony, Pulikeshi Nagar in Bangalore. It has become 'One Stop Place' for all automobile services. Avinash Rao being an Entrepreneur a confident and hardworking leader impelled himself from being an executive to Founder and CEO of two companies in India. With all his learning and experience that Avinash gathered for years by his phenomenal and hard working life journey his company made 3000+ employees and has a strong build of 12 enthused employees in his firm.

Motoadda is accoutered with advanced machinery and warehouse established for more than a decade now has a net worth of more than 10 crore. It connects more than thousands of buyers, sellers, retailers and service centers according to their compatibility. The adhesion gained by Motoadda in the field of automobile is
commendable as it is very approachable that has been providing car parts and services at a ver y affordable price over last 12 years. Motoadda is made in India for Indians who are in search of quality motor parts, good services, e-Commerce and other automobile related things all under the same roof. “We think us as service partners, rather than the vendors”says Avinash.

Gamut of Services
Motoadda provides full information not only offline but also through e-Commerce websites where in the firm ensures to give quality products/parts and good services. They are comprehensive at several steps of Maintenance, Bodyshop, Paint, Repairing, Steamjet, Reselling, Import Export, Luxury Fleet, Clarity Coat, E-commerce, Paint Protection film. The company's utmost priority is the customers whom they give full transparency, comfort and convenience. Moto Adda drives most of the information and services about automobile and how things convenient by its industrial knowledge and try to create clear and smooth approach to them for the customers.

Growth Journey and Market Reaction
The success story of Motoadda had left its mark stamped which gave them a strong hold in Southern part of India. Though the firm started with just one brand, today they endorse more than 180 automotive brands in motor parts and services sourced from across the globe. The balance sheet of every year since the establishment shows how rapidly the company has been growing in this field by increasing their customer bases and making good amount of profit. Motoadda is now focusing itself for offering franchisee option to enhance value driven services all over India an enabling the vehicle owners to access the quality and services.