Motozeel: Quality, Reliable & Affordable Car Services

Shailendra Upadhyay,CEO

Shailendra Upadhyay, CEO

New Delhi based Motozeel, the brainchild of Shailendra Upadhyay and Sachin Vig is an outcome of the duo’s immense passion for automobiles and auto-industry. Looking on to the rapid growth of newly introduced cars in the industry, both Shailendra and Sachin followed their interest and henceforth landed up introducing a platform wherein one can maintain good health of their cars. A high maintenance charge incurred by the authorized service stations was also one of the main concerns to start these services which are pocket-friendly to the car-owners. It took a while for converting the imagination into a structure. However, today, Motozeel is a name which has fulfilled all the needs one can look around for their car.

Founded in 2017, Motozeel now has successfully expanded itself across Delhi-NCR with a good number of satisfied client age and trusted services. “Growing rapidly, we have achieved a good belief in people and thus it takes no second thought for any client to hand over their cars in our hands,” mentions Shailendra. Putting up fully equipped service stations near to all well-known places in
Delhi-NCR, helped Motozeeltoreduce the pains of their clients and give them one-stop solutions for all their car needs.

The road to success for Motozeel was not a bed of roses. There were good times along with some hard times. “Initially, as any start-up would do, we organized promotional activities, campaigning so as to grow Motozeel. Our manpower played a vital role in supporting the business to grow strongly and on a high platform,” says Sachin. From there, Motozeel has come a long way and has acquired 1000+ satisfied customers.

" Founded in 2017, Motozeel now has successfully expanded itself across Delhi-NCR with a good number of satisfied clientage and trusted services"

Services that are driven by Quality & Reliability
What sets apart Motozeel from its competitors is its services that are advanced in terms of quality, rates, performance and manpower. The company is well known for using branded oils, coolants, transmission oils, fuels, among others. Throwing light on the process, Sachin says, “While we take care of the car, a client can sit back and continue with their daily routine. Bookings can be done easily through our app, websites and even over a phone call. People don’t have to wait at the service station time long. Service updates and notifications are timely sent to their phones. Everything from bookingto payments, we have implemented digital medium so it has sorted the process for the clients.”
The company at present serves clients that include Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Tata, Skoda, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, amongst others.

The Roads Travelled
Slow but steady Motozeel has registered a decent growth over the years. The revenue generation of the company has been marginal and the major focus has been towards maintaining a good parallel run between clientage and earning a good geographical presence. “Since the initial start was on to a small platform, there was a good number of work-force, and no such investors have been introduced till now. But they are welcome for the future investments if any,” he adds.

Sachin Vig, Co–Founder

In the years to come, team Motozeel aims to conquer with its services all across India and gradually, across the globe. The team is trying their best to tie the knots with service stations in other states and set up offices there. “Visiting other states and analyzing the car-oriented needs of the citizens outside Delhi region is a task itself and will be completed soon. Our teams are working on the same,” concludes Shailendra.