MR. REPAIR: One - Stop Destination For Local Services

Bharat Sharma & Anirudh Sharma,  Co-Founders

Bharat Sharma, Co-Founder

Mr. Repair, a one-stop destination for local services, commenced its operations in 2015 as a service provider for the corporate sector as well as residential property maintenance services firm in Jaipur. Jaipur being a tier II city has a fair number of corporates as well as middle-class household as potential customer base. Corporates encounter challenges of unregistered vendors, lack of paperwork and customer support (during or post-service) for residential clients. “We see a huge requirement for an annual maintenance contracts/ subscription models in technical maintenance services for corporate clients with multiple city location offices. These corporates present an immense opportunity to expand geographically and provide a recurring stream of income. If tapped properly, one can acquire new projects and build a loyal customer base as an add-on business. Technical service base business has certainly a huge market,” explicates Anirudh.

From where it all Started
Just after completion of B.Tech – Electrical, Anirudh and Bharat got placed in MNCs. Thereafter, they began looking for commercializing their technical skills for creating value. They decided to come up with an engineering firm to set a roadmap for those graduating with
a technical background and have some business acumen or want to get self-employed. “Bharat is well versed in computers & IT and branding while I handle administration and sales. We complement each other’s attributes, which is a demand for a multifaceted business like us. Choosing a non-competitive business model with respect to those MNCs in which we use to work was also an advantage as we were not conditioned and started everything from nothing,” mentions Anirudh.

"We believe building a brand doesn’t take million it takes imagination and life time dedication"

At the start, it was difficult to connect with technicians and modulate their way of working; eventually an in-house team of 20+ technicians and 70+ associates (off role) technical staffs were formed. “For managing this team and database of 25-30 leads on a daily basis, we have developed customized ERP software which has evolved after several trial and errors. Now, we are planning to license out this valuable process in a franchise format,” informs Bharat. Apart from these backend developments, the company has managed to accomplish large scale projects with Shobha Ltd., Amazon, Uber India system, Dunes Harley, Larsen & Toubro, Godrej and a few govt. tech-based projects. It has served 10,000+ customers and 20-25 annual maintenance contracts in different A-List companies too.

The company operates in four kinds of formats simultaneously – retail business leads which include quick maintenance services such as plumber, electrician carpenters,air conditioner and electronics repair, pest control,
water proofing and fabrication work; recurring nature of contracts like AMC, installation of products; large scale volume projects such as renovation , revamp, electrification projects, complete structural civil work and consumable inventory items for industries and offices such as fire extinguishers, biometric, CCTV and its accessories, different dispensers and furnishing items such as blinds , industrial curtains, amongst others.

Bharat Sharma Co-Founder& Anirudh Sharma Co-Founder

Stepping Forward into Growth
Mr. Repair has been growing organically for the past three years; it has crossed revenue of 1 cr in the last financial year. It has registered vendors for big corporates like JLL, L&T, Amazon, Uber India and chains of clinics and restaurants in 10+ cities of India including Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Delhi and Noida.

The team is currently building an eminent online presence and is all set for the franchise model. “The goal is to distribute franchisee across 100 cities in the next three years through hub and spokes model each having standardized process, revenue stream, backend tech support and centralized marketing campaigns. “We are also forming a routine auditing mechanism for governing such large operations and cash flow. We would start accepting the application for the same by June of this year,” they conclude.