MS FINCAP: Your Financial Navigator

Mukund Modi, Shridhar Modi, Lokesh Agrawal, Gunjan Mittal & Manish Kumar Gupta,Directors & Prateek Gangwal,CFOIn the last few years, India has taken great strides in financial inclusion. The credit goes to the government's inclination towards boosting the non-banking institutions. Being a part of the 35 year old family business of financial services, Mukund & Shridhar decided to venture into this domain with their Jaipur based NBFC, MS FINCAP.

Throwing light on the same, Mukund Modi, Director, MS FINCAP speaks "with the recent developments, Rajasthan has seen a surge of financial companies eyeing a piece of the pie in the ‘safest mortgage market'in the country. The industry as a whole has matured immensely and that has been a great catalyst in growth for MS FINCAP and all other non banking institutions, thereby helping us expand rapidly. On the customer front, the local companies all over the country have succeeded in creating a porous market by spreading customer awareness. Today, borrowers are well equipped to make vigilant decisions and no dream is big enough with the financial needs being fulfilled, at the doorstep."

Upping the ante, MS FINCAP is providing mortgage loans and business loans to the urban as well as the rural population within Rajasthan backed by new age credit analysis tools. "We believe in pushing growth in the society by fostering MSMEs as well as helping the large corporates with their under
served financial needs. We also promote first time borrowers and navigate them on their path of entrepreneurial journey. To achieve this, we use a hybrid credit matrix which includes traditional ways of credit as well as technology based data analytics"explicates Shridhar Modi, Director, MS FINCAP.

In a short span of two years, MS FINCAP has grown its loan portfolio multifold and achieved 75 Cr mark

Focusing on customer service and transparency of operation, MS FINCAP works with utmost authenticity and sincerity to safeguard the interests of its clients. Shridhar further explains,"Our efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of the borrowers as they can focus on their businesses and think about growth while we serve their financial needs. Working with our clients closely lets us mentor them in adverse times and steer them clear of any obstacles. More than anything, we strive to become a medium through which people can realize their dreams and create success stories."

In a short span of two years, MS FINCAP has grown its loan portfolio multifold and achieved 85 crore mark. "It has been a great landmark to achieve within the first few years, given the competition in the country and specifically in Rajasthan. We have expanded to five new locations outside Jaipur, and further expansion plans are under implementation," adds Mukund. The driving factor of their achievements has been the idea to serve the under served populations in the developing parts of the country, and make an impact on their means of live lihood and their lives at large.

“Our goal is to spread the business across Rajasthan in the coming two years. Currently, we have been focusing on strengthening our roots in Jaipur and the vicinity areas. We have spread our business in the proximity of 75 km of Jaipur considering that we want to ensure efficient perations,”states Prateek Gangwal, CFO.

Adding to this, Mukund sharing the roadmap ahead of the company, concludes,“We don’t want to chase numbers as it is the outcome and not our destination. We are working on few other innovative products in various fields such as education and healthcare, which will help us serve the customer needs better and create a niche market for MS FINCAP. We aim to launch two such products by the end of this year. We at MS FINCAP believe that ‘if you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business it’s that simple’, quoted by Richard Branson.”