Mutual Funds Wallet: Securing Future By Building Wealth

Aashish Aggarwal, Co-Founder,Rashu Mittal, COOThere has been a lightning fast spark in fintech startups in several areas, including wealth management. As much needed and innovative investment management startups pour into the financial technology space, the landscape of financial products and services has changed drastically. With the potential development of the Indian economy and a stable government, India is getting strong immunity against Global volatilities. A concoction of artificial and human intelligence is “Mutual Funds Wallet”. Offering in depth analysis, risk & reward assessment, investment strategy, and cherry pick the best investment instruments across the globe. Believing that a business is not just about financial gain but an impeccable service, the company is positively impacting the market.

Technology has changed, and there's no longer just one "best-of-breed" system for each asset class or business area. Whether one goes with best-of-breed, all-in-one, or some combination of the two, one needs to be able to seamlessly connect clients' data and systems into a single investment experience. The cost of market data is one of the highest third-party costs for asset managers. Managing downside risk has never been more critical than in the current environment. Founded in 2018, with the spirit of looking at investments through a different lens, Mutual Funds Wallet has experienced an incredible journey from zero to more than Rs. 200 Cr. The company's strength is it’s
highly efficient team, and the motto of keeping customers' interests first. "Mutual Funds Wallet has grown purely organically, our existing clients are our biggest brand ambassadors, and their trust and belief in us makes us a huge family”, says Aashish Aggarwal, Co-Founder Mutual Funds Wallet.

Offering the Best Investment Options
Mutual Funds Wallet is a Wealth-Tech with AI-enabled, highly personalized services for HNIs, UHNIs, and NRIs. It's a complete and comprehensive platform that allows one to buy, sell and view one's portfolio at any time of the day. The company has gained trust and confidence in the market by creating and growing wealth according to the client's financial needs assessment. Through various calculators customized for different financial goals, one can easily find out how much money is required and what the investment size and duration of investment should be. The Goal GPS feature helps clients to create goals, check various milestones, and track their financial journey against each plan. It keeps them invested in achieving their goals and caring for their economic well-being and long-term wealth creation. Mutual Funds Wallet has a highly expert team who does the AI-based investment need assessment and profiling, creates investment strategies, and reviews clients' portfolios. The customer receives regular insights from the company on when to enter and exit the market. “We take 360-degree care of our client's investments and handle the wealth of generations, Family offices, and celebrities”, speaks Rashu Mittal, COO Mutual Funds Wallet.

Mutual Funds wallet holds curatorial expertise in wealth management and has a global client base in over 14 countries worldwide, majorly in UAE, UK, and Singapore, ranging from Defence Personnel, CXOs, CEOs, Family Offices, and Bollywood Celebrities. Apart from Mutual Funds, it specializes in Dollar based offshore Funds, PE/VC Funds, ETFs, International Equity and Bonds, PMS, AIF, and Unlisted Securities.

The company is focusing on creating more and more HNIs, through creating and growing their wealth by planting their money worldwide

Mutual Funds Wallet is taking its services a notch high and planning to bring AR/VR-based wealth management portfolio services, a blend of futuristic technology, personalization, and trust for its UHNI clients, for the first time in India. The company is focusing on creating more and more HNIs, through creating and growing their wealth by planting their money worldwide. Under its parent company Globvest Pvt Ltd., Mutual Funds Wallet is determined to reform the wealth management of UHNIs, NRIs and Family Offices.