My Home Caretaker: Monitoring, Cleaning & Monetizing Vacant Homes

Amit Mehrotraa, FounderThe fast pace of today's lifestyle seldom allows a work life balance and it gets difficult to manage personal chores and work. This calls for services which can help people to maintain a healthy work life balance, get some extra ME time to take care of their health and indulge in their hobbies and sports. Keeping up with this objective of making life Stress Free, My Home Caretaker was established in 2020 by Amit Mehrotraa with its office in Noida.

MHC handholds those who have not been able to take care of their vacant properties those who are in need of basic home cleaning services at flexible hours those NRIs who have unattended residential properties and elderly parents back home needing personalized service those Senior Citizens who travel abroad for 3 to 6 months to be with their kith and kin and much more. The services offered are pocket friendly and reliable. MHC's services are also a big help to working couples who have erratic office schedules and need support to manage homes at odd hours.

Pandemic brought a huge Demand for Monitoring & Cleaning of vacant homes.
MHC was founded during the pandemic, when there were no modestly priced, reliable and regulated alternatives available to the
households in the absence of their regular house help. Unlike deep cleaning, MHC arranges basic jhadu katka dusting at a small cost.

The objective of a local real estate agent or broker to whom a vacant house is entrusted, is to show the property to as many prospective tenants or buyers as possible and to close the deal. Their commissions need to flow in, without any obligation towards either party.

MHC is determined to extend its services to the masses and becoming a recognised brand

MHC decided to disrupt this situation by handholding the owners by monitoring & maintaining their vacant property, keeping it clean & sanitized AND offering to handhold throughout the tenancy period.

A well maintained property is easy to sell or rent. MHC undertakes to monitor, clean and sanitize the property every fortnight. For semi furnished or furnished homes, MHC lists out the inventory of fittings, fixtures and installations, insures them and then signs a contract to periodically inspect, clean and sanitize the property. If mandated, MHC ensures that equipment installations are functional and usable at all times. MHC coordinates and supervises the servicing for those appliances and goods which are due under AMC.

Services booked on phone and online
The customers can contact the company on phone or on their webpage. Currently MHC's services are available within NCR Jaipur, Neemrana, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Mussoorie and parts of Uttarakhand.

The team is hired directly for better control on performance and delivery. MHC's business model provides for supervision of all home visits by exservice men or a senior staff.

MHC achieved a modest growth during pandemic from all segments of the target audience, especially the NRIs. The initial cash burn shall continue till the enrolments and brand awareness reaches a critical mass. MHC intends to get a strong foothold in Northern India, before expanding to promising second home destinations in Maharashtra Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. At a conversion rate of up to 5% of the target market MHC expects to bring in revenue of up to 250 Cr in the initial 5 years.