My School Guru: Unified Centralized Platform for All Learning Solutions

Jayraj Jadeja, Co-Founder,Nihar Sheth, Co-Founder

Jayraj Jadeja, Co-Founder

Nihar Sheth, Co-Founder

It all started in 2014. Nihar, a techie by profession was all worried about his children’s future. The need to travel across cities for work purposes always kept him away from his kids for which he was not able to take part in their day-to-day life, be it from educational or extra co-curricular perspective. It so happened one day that while he was having a conversation with one of his friends, Jayraj he showed him the applications that his kid’s schools were utilizing it for various purposes. The application contained information that was not only from the academic side but also on activities like sports, music & another genre. While going through the application Jayraj was struck by the point that though the applications had all the necessary information but were placed in a scattered manner. Thus,they conceptualized an idea to bring all the information at one place and cater it through a unified centralized platform and connect all the students, teachers & parents under one umbrella, My School Guru came into being.

Ahmedabad based My School Guru believes that an individual is a student through out his or her lifetime. Helping them to
co-relate or identify the activities they have progressed upon by enabling a longitudinal record approach,Jayraj Jadeja, Co-Founder, My School Guru, says,“Noticing the thrust of learning something new we are trying to digitize, track & improve the learning system on the whole.Our main idea is to connect all entities that play a part in defining educational experiences and help them with integration, training & support for a long haul.”

Captivating‘Knowledge Transfer’as its core component, My School Guru entitles to develop a centralized platform for all the educational information seekers

Cost-Effective Solutions with Best Technology
My School Guru began with the whole new idea of 'Longitudinal Record’ and coined it as ESR (Electronic Student Record). Through ESR it not only tries to maintain the record of the educational institutions but also the journey of learning. Fortifying an analytic informational view and trying to develop a centralized information availing platform, My School Guru has on-boarded academicians, faculties, parents & students and researched on what exactly they are looking and aggregate all the information into one single platform in the easiest manner for understanding. Positioned as a unified platform, the company offers unique features to its widespread clients. Pinpointing,the longitudinal record as its main feature,the other features includes the feed section
whereby one can subscribe and get the particular information. Having authorized faculty to publish the content depending on subject variables My School Guru commits to maintain the authenticity of the content along with keeping the record of faculties. Furthermore, helping the schools & people to get digitize, Jayraj avers, “Through our varied service offerings we help the parents to identify the loopholes and improve the child’s performance. Also consolidating multiple records we help the organizations by assuring a turnkey student management system. Our USP is the ESR system. Our other feature comprises of tracking,data management, library,syllabus &so on.”

Started off with a team of two people, My School Guru today is an eight member team. Captivating ‘Knowledge Transfer’as its core component,the company entitles to develop a centralized platform for all the educational information seekers. Jayraj concludes,“We are soon going to build a block chain technology for the educational information seekers and ensure the security & authenticity of the data stored. We are soon going to spread our presence by approaching to various schools & institutions and focus on longitudinal education record.”