Myglobalbazar : First Step for Your Reach

Nafisa Ali ,CEOWhile exceptional ideas of a startup are important to gain recognition, a great culture makes it unique. In fact that is the first step to pool best thoughts as it helps them to recruit the best people, retain employees and motivate that incites the employees to work efficiently with a positive attitude. Amidst several startups which are focusing on business growth, Myglobalbazar, by several means is not only building a strong and healthy startup culture, but also maintaining it along with is business growth. The company with its social responsibility has proved startup culture is more than just parties, free coffee and a place for friendships to blossom. It has made its manpower understand that the overall growth of individuals, company and society lies in commitment of the team, personal work effort you put into an organization.

The idea
Ideated by Nafisa Ali and a couple of experts, Myglobalbazar platform is an ecommerce platform that operates as Software as a Service model. The primary vision of the company is to enable businesses or individuals of any size and strength offer services like big retailer and reach end users and consumers can also reach out to their seller/makes without being dependant to any mediator. However, the company was conceptualized to promote small scale, home run business while supporting handmade product and enhancing the status artisans in the rural part of West Bengal.

While the company is acting as a ecommerce service provider for all the small sellers to sell their products, it is offering an easy to use platform for them with no strict restrictions and rules unlike other platforms. It assures best price in the country with high quality service. And allows the merchant to purchase the entire ecommerce service that includes a website with shipping services
or avail shipping services as per requirement. With this idea of supporting people it is making the employees feel that Myglobalbazar is a right place to work. Moreover, the company culture embodies many elements like values, productivity, versatility, teamwork, communication, passion, and ability to take risks which are the essential ingredients that make a startup culture.

The Offerings
While supporting the clients with the aforementioned solutions, it helps them gain identity and reach wider set of audience. It portrays their name and dispatches the products without publicizing its own name. It is helping clients with Domain Registration, E-commerce Website, Mobile Application, SEO, Logo Design & Marketing Contents, Shipping Service and many more. With this, it is recognized as a complete solution for the business willing to venture into e-commerce vertical. The platform is designed to offer a cost-effective robust solution to the merchant who are willing to grow by selling online and establish their own brand.

Ultimately, Myglobalbazar a one stop solution for all needs that include domain registration, hosting, inventory management, order management, payment gateway, shipping service with COD to all parts of the country, and all other modern facilities that a customer may expect from an retail giant. “We also help your business to grow through extended SEO support. The platform is equipped to takes care of all security and compliance need for business before launching website,” says Nafisa Ali, CEO.

While witnessing 300 + registered users, Myglobalbazar has operated in over 26000 pin codes across the country

Mitagating several challenges since the start, the bootstrapped company is maintaining a cash positive environment. With a dynamic team which is well versed in the sector, it is taking up several initiates to provide unconventional solutions to the clients. While witnessing 300 + registered users, it has operated in over 26000 pin codes across the country. With 10 amazing theme set, it has collaborated with nearly 15 courier service providers to offer delivery services for the client’s products. With a high vision of being the best service provider in the domain, it is making umpteen efforts in all possible aspects to assist the unrecognized go getters gain identity. With all its solutions it is paving avenues for small-scale entrepreneurs reach several customer and expand business.

Nafisa Ali, CEO
With several years of experience in the public sector domain, Nafisa Ali always aspired to make a breakthrough in the life of small scale business owners. The glitch in the market which is making entrepreneurs start away from gaining identity incited him to venture a platform that supports them. Her aim of growing together has not only shoved the status of the clients but Myglobalbazar’s as well.