Mylastminutetrip: Creating Memorable Travel Experiences

Rutvij Smith,FounderThere is a fleet of travel startups seen in the market currently steering the industry forward with their innovative approach and contemporarily tailored solutions. These are the startups that take care of curating travel lists, making travel arrangements, arranging the foreign exchange, and handling the back-operations of travel. In fact, they have been perceived spending massive budgets on marketing and focusing on branding and customer service. One such company is (MLMT) that aims to provide optimum travel services and act as a one-stop-solution for its customers. The team comes together each day to design trips that offer the single most comprehensive travel experience to its customers.

MLMT is the brainchild of Rutvij Smith. Born in a family of travel enthusiasts, Rutvij always looked forward to annual family Vacations as a kid. Growing up, he realized that that traveling was something he loved and that he would love to make a career in the Hospitality sector. "Growing up, I have always been attracted to the aspect of hospitality. Be it, taking care of my co-travellers while on vacations or having guests over. While other interests changed over time, this had always remained a constant. During my early college years, travelling peaked my interest in my free days and that's when I started planning trips
for my friends, relatives and references. What started as a part time hobby is today a mainstream business," Rutvij explicates.

The Silver Lining
Rutvij is shaping MLMT as true Travel Designers where-in all the customers are subjected to customized itineraries crafted according to their comforts and choices. With in-depth knowledge of each destination, the design of unique itineraries is based on past his experiences. Driven by a strong technology focus and commitment to service, the company aims to become the provider of choice for differentiated experiences across the world. "I have always tried to impart to my team that experience plays a big role. We sit as a team planning vacations to over 75 countries every year. What we may think is a short getaway can maybe turn out to be the experience of a life-time for our travellers. Hence, we heavily rely on travelling ourselves and getting as much info and recommendations from our travellers after they return back from our uniquely designed trips," he mentions.

Driven by a strong technology focus and commitment to service, MLMT aims to become the provider of choice for differentiated experiences across the world

Having tied up with varied types of suppliers from each destination, MLMT enables personalizing and customizing the travellers' vacation to the smallest detail. The team earns satisfaction by accomplishing the requests of their travellers. With its outlined process of understanding the travellers need for vacation and their on-vacation requirements, the team takes significant amount of time and efforts to design their itinerary suitably. "MLMT is not just a travel agency or a tour package provider. We pride ourselves for being the sole travel designer in India offering travel packages that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for an adventure trip, leisure trip, or food and culture trip, we design it for you based on the destination and the days of travel that you choose," he says.

The company over the years has have tied up with multiple hotel suppliers and hotel chains for excelling in the rate preference and service preference. "Our process is streamlined; we have a set team that will take the company forward. We want to get ready to be able to start franchising. Hope-fully in the coming year we will be out with our franchising options," he concludes.