Myraah: Decentralized Web with Low Code Tools to Create Hassle-free Digital Presence

Gaurav Kumar,   Co-Founder

Gaurav Kumar


The low code no code market in India has projected the prospective to touch $4 billion by 2025. In the wake of web3, LCNC is bringing forth an evolution in the IT industry with the amalgamation of advanced AI and decentralization. The already established or traditional digital software technologies are complicated to use in terms of building online visibility for business. Due to simultaneously growing business complexities, the corporates are turning to LCNC solutions for being easily navigable. Moreover businesses are opting for enhancement of their visibility on ecommerce platform to exercise better market penetration. Hence, LCNC tools have appeared as a boon to aid in their digital scalability. The Pune based web3 low code platform Myraah serves this purpose of disentangling digital escalation with precision.

The demand for more LCNC solution providers is increasing day by day in India as leading corporate organizations are looking for effective low code mechanism for the ease of operations in order to boost scalability. This is where Myraah has emerged as a comprehensive web3 platform that creates and manages digital presence for any business who look for easy-to-use softwares. Started out in February, 2020, as a web2 low code platform Myraah upgraded itself to web3 later on for they wanted to adopt new technology coming to the market. The decentralized network and hosting that web3 offers can be beneficial for the customers. Myraah observed this and has
brought in the new tech to provide more reliable and affordable low code solutions for creation of digital assets. Myraah also acts as a storage platform for files, dapps, documents and NFTs with IPFS hosting.

Wide Array of Offerings
Myraah has a deployed a detailed solution for creating logo, website and NFT. Their AI generated logo and brand name helps business venture to sort logos and design that are professional and aesthetic. The advanced AI algorithm comes up with precise brand name based on the description of the business provided to the platform of Myraah. This tool liberates the business owners from the hurdle of coining a catchy brand name. From domain acquisition and hosting to launching website Myraah delivers integrated solutions for digital visibility. Along with developing NFTs for the consumers, they have built a collection of NFTs for users to choose from. Some of their digital artworks and assets are Geometric Faces, Men of Westeros the NFT that is based on the fictional city called Westeros of the breathtaking HBO TV show Game of Thrones, The Veggie Humans The Weird Minions and The Indigenous Colour of India.

With Myraah, anyone can create, store and manage digital assets without writing a single line of code or installing any software. It enables users to transit from Web2 to Web3 smoothly

Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder of Myraah adds,"More than 80,000 businesses have used Myraah platform so far for creating assets. And we are continuously improving our services by communicating with our customers. The current focus is on engaging more customers on our platform. Our system based on the integration of AI, IPFS and blockchain technology gives us an edge over our competitors in the market".

Prospective Visions
India is experiencing a boom in technological innovation with its pool of budding entrepreneurs and technocrats. The opportunity for them to develop new products and mobilize them to the world market is growing exponentially. Myraah is on its way to explore all these possibilities with their unique take on technology. Gaurav further adds, "We are building for the world. Our 20 percent of the user base is in the US and other technocentric countries in the world. So we have seen lot of traction and the aim is to build upon that momentum to be keeping at developing the core nuances of the ease of using digital assets while creating them and managing online. We will be optimizing our low code tools for the businesses that are not tech-savvy so that they can use them as regular software to build online presence. Also we are looking to get around a million of users onboard in the next one and half year".