MyTech Solutions: For a Simple, Responsive, yet Secure Web World

Mahesh Salunkhe,Founder & Director

Mahesh Salunkhe

Founder & Director

Sitting aside the fast-paced growth of online businesses and globalization, the Indian website development industry seems to be gaining immense prominence and growth dramatically, driven by the new empowering government policies and improved literacy rate. The upbeat growth of the industry is also fueled by the Cloud and the mobile technology. However, what the customers still yearn for is an adept professional service partner who leverages a simple, responsive, integrated yet secure applications, better user experience and best talents to bind all these together. MyTech Solutions was established in 2012with the aim of bridging this gap particularly in the online managed travel and hospitality sector. “As technology has enhanced efficiency and innovation in the travel and hospitality, we are looking at Digitalization as an elixir to marketing for online booking websites,” adds Mahesh Salunkhe, Founder & Director, MyTech. Jumping on the bandwagon of such opportunities, the company has emerged into one of the most trusted allies through its end-to-end web development solutions.
Starting out their entrepreneurial journey as amateurs, the founding duo – Mahesh and Yogesh Deshmukh indeed endeavored to spearhead a change, but soon fell into the loop of failures and abrupt terminations, owing to finance, managing clients & employees, and such other typical crunches. “Nevertheless, every unsuccessful deal was a very good lesson for us. In addition, backed by the strong guidance of our ex-boss Shailesh Vyas, we were able to reap in finest clients and a radical expansion,” asserts Mahesh.

Jumping on the bandwagon of opportunities, MyTech has emerged into one of the most trusted allies through its end-to-end web development solutions

While most of its forte is rooted in the domain, MyTech also takes pride in its R&D team of 15 passionate and dedicated change-capable workforce who loves to collaboratively work towards integrating its finest blend of rich industry experience and expertise to churn out finest array of solutions. Adhering to international standards, the solutions – web design, customized application & mobile development, web hosting or support – are designed so as to equip the customers with a high quality capability. The solutions are further fine-tuned into a simple, yet
intuitive digital experience with the company’s UI/UX services. Powered by the HFI certified professionals, the process goes into eight stages of development – right from ideation to realization. In addition, the company has also marked a niche in providing end-to-end enterprise solution development, enterprise collaboration and content management solution (design & development), software product engineering, product validation & verification and cloud planning & deployment services.

Empowering the Excellence

In order to leverage such excellency, MyTech has instituted a flexible and healthy work culture, where each of its employees are encouraged to communicate openly, achieve their full potential and contribute towards the organizational growth. With significant investment poured in training and professional development, the organization constantly looks out for ways to keep its employees on the technology forefront, which reflects in its partnership with training institutes like SSi (Software Solution Institute, Aurangabad) and subscription to various online training portals. Events like regular outings and family get-togethers, on the other hand, help the crew to not only develop professionally, but also achieve a better work-life balance. “En route, we aim to grow our team to around 30 and we are expanding our business in terms of finance, infrastructure and resource. With aggressive marketing, we look forward to embark on the new opportunities in India as well as abroad,” concludes Mahesh.