NAS Electrical and Electronics: Reducing Carbon Footprint with Innovative Automation Solutions

Nishant Godha,Co-Founder

Nishant Godha


The widespread adoption of IoT connectivity has driven homes and offices to adopt automation solutions. The ever increasing demand for energy and the construction of new infrastructure projects continues to boost the demand for automation systems. Despite the move onto automation, a large number of people still remain skeptical. Like everything else, automation too has impediments of its own. Automation requires the infiltration of the cable infrastructure and has to replace legacy technology with the latest technology, causing inconvenience. One also has to oversee the environmental impact caused by automation. Catering to these specific needs, NAS Electrical and Electronics, hailing from Rajasthan, has begun with the availability of automating even a single room without the hassle of innumerable connection of wires and is cost effective as well.
Taking the cost factor into account, NAS Electrical and Electronics even automates pre existing gadgets thus by far not needing any special gadgets. Even if it is a television set a decade old and has a remote control system, it can be controlled with a mobile app if required. Addressing the most important challenge that NAS believes wins them over their competitors is eliminating the harmful environmental impacts involved in automation. The company has changed their technology and based it on radio waves rather than Wi-Fi which has an adverse effect on one’s health.

The company has changed their technology and based it on radio waves rather than Wi-Fi which has an adverse effect on one’s health

Moving Towards a Greener Environment/ Salvaging the Environment

India is turning a new leaf and taking the environment into serious consideration, thus forming the National Green Tribunal. This council has decided to focus on the carbon footprint where each state cannot exceed
the allotted carbon quota. We all know that air conditioning systems are an inseparable part of our lifestyle and consumes the most power as well. NAS Electrical and Electronics believe to have done their part to provide a cleaner and greener environment with their product Monarch which counters this issue. Monarch reduces the power consumption of air conditioning systems which is directly involved in the carbon footprint reduction. It isn’t just economical but saves the environment too.

Besides automation, NAS Electrical and Electronics cover sectors like mining and solar. The company believes that the mining sector is untouched which is why nobody from the electronics sector is there to develop mining gadgets. The company has developed a few devices for the mining sector, one of them being an anti sleep device which tracks the driver and alarms him if is he is drifting to sleep which is cost effective and saves lives. NAS Electrical and Electronics ensure that all these product developments are done after a thorough market gap research and analysis is carried out and as such have around nine products in the pipeline that the company is eager to release in the next year or two.