Naturalism Food Labs: Paving the Way to Greater Heights by Prioritizing Quality & Customer Service

 Sunil Nair,   CEO & Director

Sunil Nair

CEO & Director

The Indian food and beverage industry has been rapidly expanding over the years with new players entering the domain constantly. One pioneering organization that has been able to make impressive strides in the market since its inception is Naturalism Food Labs. The company was created with a vision to build a long term multigenerational food manufacturing and service company. Its tagline 'Chaatwich Desi Chatkara' itself suggests having chatkara in each bite. Over the years, the company has been able to take local Mumbai streetfood to an organized cafe. Chaatwich Desi Chatkara a Proudly Veg brand by Naturalism Food Labs is an effort by the company to bring to fore indigenous, nutritious, healthy and tasty foods of different variety. The company’s focus is to service locally sourced food materials into delicious food items. It also ensures that it does not use any preservatives or any type of chemicals in its foods and follow the best SOPS while making these food items.

Prioritizing on Innovation & Quality
Naturalism Food Labs aspires to build brands that appeal to a large section of people. It aims to be recognized as one of the leading players in the food industry in the segment of nutritious, healthy and natural food and to
grow domestically and internationally by integrating food cultures and concepts between both the markets. Talking more about its products, Sunil Nair who is the Founder & CEO of the company says, “We offer a wide range of Chaats, Sandwiches, Grills, Rolls, Pizzas, Milkshakes, Ice-Creams, Coffee, Sweets, Meals, Savoury snacks and more. Our ordering process is very simple; we have self-service concept and at our store’s the orders are generally served in three to four minutes. We also have our own Chaatwich app, which is available for Android and iPhone users and apart from that, we accept orders via Chaatwich website, Swiggy and Zomato”.

Chaatwich has also invested a lot in technology, & it has integrated Cloud bases POS system which is integrated with inventory, accounts & payroll

Chaatwich as a brand has been in the market for the last 12 years. The company has customers who have been repeatedly visiting it for the last 12 years.To ensure customer satisfaction and build strong relationships with them, Chaatwich has its feedback forms online/ offline for its customers and on every new product launch it does extensive feedback gathering exercise to ensure that it meets the customer expectations.

Currently, the company has customer's in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai and is into franchise chains. The company is now coming up with shop in shop concept with Reliance Smart Bazaar. Apart from this, it is spreading its wings in Mumbai metro stations and it is aiming to come up with similar concepts in other metro cities. Chaatwich has also invested a lot in technology, and it has integrated Cloud bases POS system which is integrated with inventory, accounts and payroll. Also, the company has already begun work on integrating its systems with ONDC a Government of India initiative.

For the company, its ability to cater to multiple generations of customers consistently has been its greatest achievements and evolving with the changing times, Naturalism Food Labs is aiming to open 100 outlets and create a one stop shop for customers which include healthy options proudly veg. This will also allow it to cater to the needs of customers in cities across the country and expand its presence even more.