Navson Technologies: Research Meets Industry

Rajasekhar V V, Founder and Director                                                ,Aakaash V, CEO & Co-FounderTechnology is beyond any doubt one of the greatest boons bestowed to mankind by the substantial polymath of the society. These approaches have tremendously modified as well as simplified the manner of living and the procedure of administering the up and running of all professional endeavours. However, this privilege can sometimes cost way too much and cannot be afforded by the average person. This inefficacy can come in the way of great innovation as the absence of the modernistic machinery and applications may for bear inventive minds from making bonzer contributions for the betterment of science and society. This probable paucity enticed the attention of two bright sparks V V Rajasekhar and Aakaash V who at a very young age focused their minds in mitigating this gap between innovators and technology.

With such plan in mind, the duo laid the cornerstone of a pioneering establishment Navson Technologies- a concern structured to develop products with every inch of detail that has the potentiality to address the quality, functionality and the administering to the researchers and equip them with a hassle-free experimental experience, assisting visionaries transfigure their vision into reality. "The matter came to our notice when we were in the final year of our graduation. Our friends who were pursuing their Phd in photovoltaic cells encountered a problem while handling one particular instrument. Having keen interest in solving technological challenges, we both initiated in fixing it and were successful in the attempt that too at very less price. This triggered our curiosity and we plunged to understand the demand of such approaches in the industry. To our surprise we found that the market is in dire need of such approaches mainly in the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology space. The research community has always been in extreme need of such affordable and within reach facilities which can shape their breadth of view onto reality in the most convenient manner," narrates Aakaash V, CEO & Co-Founder.
What does it specializes on!
Launched in the year 2016, Navson Technologies is a house of three paramount products namely Spin Coater, Dip Coater & Hot Plate w/Stirer that are crafted keeping in mind its own end in view. Since its objective is to measure up the needs and requirements and creating a collaborative environment for the research community. Giving consideration to which, the company has so far devised trailblazing products of world class quality. It lives by the ideology of not imposing but discussing its initiatives, thoughts and ideas with its customers before conferring it to them.

The team
Navson Technologies foundation is based on seven strong pillars. With a small yet prolific team, the company has been opening new angles of innovation and collaboration. Together they have moulded an ecosystem of researchers, innovators and engineers who work together on projects. Its strong suits have driven huge clientele from different vertical including research labs, academic institutions and industries. This positive turn of events haves bolstered up its revenue and growth exponentially. Along with setting impressive impact in the Indian market, it is also striding ahead to establish its foot in the international market by setting afloat is projects in countries like Europe and US.

Navson technologies intends to focus on the healthcare sector and invent cost-effective and accessible technology that can easily detect chronic diseases

The company believes that this remarkable attainment is the outcome of the sincere ad dedicated efforts of working members. Their collaborative approach has empowered the company to reach the crowning point. With the intention to honour the hard work of its squad, Navson Technologies has set up a hearty work culture that seamlessly connects personal and professional lives of the employees. The company motivates and inspires its people to ameliorate their dexterity and know how about the latest trends in the industry. "At Navson, we subsidise much of the day-to-day requirements to the employees. Most of their basic requirements like transportation, sports sessions etc. are covered by the company. This small contribution towards the benefits of the employees gives them a lot of relief and happiness during their work hours," he adds.

The Road Ahead
For the time ahead, Navson Technologies intends to focus on the healthcare sector and invent cost-effective and accessible technology that can easily detect chronic diseases. It is also strategizing to best fitting and customized solutions that will keep a tab on the clients' purchase and usage according to their chosen plan or budget. The company is optimistically looking forward to join hands with prospective entrepreneurs and investors with the desire to bring about several new innovative technological products and solutions.

• Spin Coater
• Dip Coater
• Hot Plate w/Stirer
• UV curing
• Syringe pump
• Sputter coater
• Spray Pyrolysis