Navtek Solutions: One stop shop for Technological and Digital Solutions

 Navin Mandal & Vikas Deo, Co-FoundersVikas Ranjan Deo and Navin Mandal, the two friends since their schooldays resonated the desire to run a company of their own. Vikas, a management graduate from IBS Mumbai with over a decade of experience in the banking sector while Navin, an IITian possessing rich expertise in industrial automation, machine vision, virtual reality & others set their entrepreneurial sail with trying some hands-on identifying a few tech-based ideas. While getting shortlisted their ideas, one being a software product for hospitality segment they got a call from a friend who enquired about some magical experience wherein a video could be played on a paper using a mobile phone and was eagerly excited to implement the same for his pharmaceutical brand. Obtaining a small briefing, Navin worked on the Proof of Concept (POC) and they performed an extensive research on AR & VR and visualized the vast potential that was going to unfold in the coming years. Thus, finding it as their key area of interest they decided to operate in the AR/VR segment. “The POC we created delighted the pharmaceutical clients and hence, we got our first project of Navtek Solutions,” says Vikas
Ranjan Deo, Co-Founder, Navtek Solutions.

Began as a two-people led company in the year 2013 Navtek has build itself to be one of the leading AR/VR solutions providers in the world. Inculcating the unique approach of perceiving the clients’ requirements and identifying improvisation wherever possible, Navtek arrives at the best solution that fits objectives and surpasses the desired results. The company combines multiple technologies to bring the outputs and experiences in the core areas of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Mumbai headquartered Navtek has strategic tie-ups with clients from Coimbatore, Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai & Luxembourg

Technological & Digital Solutions Offering
Navtek service offerings include the combination of AR/VR with other technologies for Facial Recognition, Text Recognition, Emotion (brain mapping) capture in VR, Multi-User Interactions, Enterprise Solutions, Data Analytics, Hardware Integration & so on. Fortifying the slogan “Connecting Ideas with Businesses” the company wants to be looked upon on the basis of a requirement rather than a standalone project. Citing a case study, Navin Mandal, Co-Founder mentions, “We have developed an app for Abbott Healthcare Private Ltd. - ‘Easy Heat App’. It is the first-of-its-kind product used by cardiologists for
patient education. To make the whole process seamless, it is available in Play Store or App Store” Further, he adds, “Our projects create unique experiences in line with the brand communication.”

Recently, Navtek has launched its own product, an app ‘Dissection Lab’. It is considered to be the best alternative to live animal dissections and aims to solve the problem of animal dissection along with preventing the ecosystem. Navtek has clients in engineering, banking & insurance, Gaming, FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, & Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality and more. As B2B solutions providers, its target audience ranges from Marketing, Training, Events, Teachers & Professors and so on.

Education Sector - The Next Target
Within a short span of time Navtek has been able to convert the diverse business ideas into various digital business applications through innovation and in a cost-effective manner. Growing 100 percent year-on-year with a team of 20 people, the company from one client has reached to 50 clients. Mumbai headquartered Navtek has strategic tie-ups with clients from Coimbatore, Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai & Luxembourg. Recently, it has set up its new base in the UK to cater the European market. Captivating to tap the amplifying arena, Vikas concludes, “We are particularly targeting education space as one of our primary domains. Currently, working on building virtual lab solutions for schools and colleges, we also aim to capture the entire market in AR/VR spectrum.”