Neem Tree Agro Solutions: Enabling Farmers to Harness Agri-Tech

Paras Jain,Director & C.T.O

Paras Jain

Director & C.T.O

With more than 60 percent of households dependent on farming directly or indirectly, India is a dominant agricultural society. The agricultural sector of India contributes 18 percent to the national GDP. Indian agriculture technology sector has the potential to grow manyfold to $24.1 billion in the next five years.

India accounts for more than 450 start-ups in the agri-tech space. This sector has seen a rise in the number of emerging agri-tech start-ups and a surge in the number of investors showcasing interest in the Indian agri-tech start-up scene globally. Among the major operators of the sector, Neem Tree is a company that has been able to differentiate itself from the others of its genre. Dhiresh, the Co-Founder and CEO of the company, states, "Neem Tree is a SaaS-based data-driven AgTech company that focuses on providing farmers with knowledge, technology, marketing, extension services, improved planning for enhanced quality and quantity of produce.”

Plugging the Loopholes
Unlike the other companies out there, Neem Tree has been established to plug the loopholes of the Indian agriculture system. Founders of the company got the supreme idea after talking with thousands of the Indian farmers who were victims of the loopholes. Paras Jain, the Co-Founder and CTO of the company, says, “While India is moving in the direction of Digitalization with almost every service going digital, it is time to include Rural India in the journey of Digital India, starting from Digital Farms.”

NT Kisan is the AI-based crop enhancement system provided by the company. It facilitates the decision-making process and
helps farmers grow efficiently and grow more. Besides, Farm Uncle (Supply chain) solves the problem of market accessibility of farmers to sell their produce. Working of NT Kisan starts with suggesting five best crops for a particular season and ends with notifying the user regarding the proper time to gather once after a seed has been sowed. The most incredible catch of the system is its image recognition system. Farmers can upload a simple picture of a damaged crop on the system, which can detect pest attack/diseased crops and suggest the most appropriate and efficient way to treat it. This is done using an image recognition model, which is a part of the system.

Dhiresh, Director & CEO

Neem Tree is based on six basic themes identified by the founders while traveling to meet India's tier 2 cities' farmers. The themes are Digital and Analytics, Skill development, Farm uncle, Market place by farmers, financial technology and cold storage. Nishant Chauhan, the Co-Founder, CFO, and Lead of Research and Developments claims, “Using the traditional methods of farming has always held the Indian farmers back from maximizing their product quality as well as quantity. Therefore, our company is aimed at replacing the traditional methods with the modern and digital ones.”

Nishant Chauhan, Director, CFO & Head (Research and Development)

The Road Ahead
The number of Indian farmers using a smartphone is more than 50 million now and is also continuously increasing at a spontaneous rate. Therefore, the technology-based approach of Neem Tree is expected to achieve more success in the coming years. For the future, the company is focused on enhancing the farmers' skills, providing them with an efficient supply chain and storage facility, a typical and effective marketplace, lastly, cheap but effective farming technologies.