Neewee: Devising Industrial IoT with Advanced & Integrated Analytics

Suyog Joshi,  Nataraj Soorkod,  & Harsimrat Bhasin,Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CTO &  Co-Founder & COO

Suyog Joshi, Nataraj Soorkod, & Harsimrat Bhasin

Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CTO & Co-Founder & COO

As the world of sensors and connected devices move towards standardization and commoditization, the question is no more about how much data a small sensor can generate. Instead, it is about what more can be done to effectively capture the right data, extract intelligence out of it and have a clear impact on day-to-day life. “The earliest mass adopters of IoT would be Industry. Industrial processes will become far more automated using advanced analytics to identify issues much before they impact quality and operations,” prophesies Harsimrat Bhasin, Co-Founder & COO, Neewee – a Bangalore-based analytics company.

However, while advanced analytics can efficiently cater to the quest, the processes can achieve a quicker result only through integrated and end-to-end data analytics. And that’s precisely what ATHENA – Neewee’s IoT-enabled integrated analytics platform – endeavors to deliver. Powered by the built-in, rapidly deployable, industry-standard, domain-specific models, the open source-based
platform enables unified view of data analysis. With the dexterity to run either on cloud or on-premise, the innovation can seamlessly be integrated into a client’s IT landscape. It’s easy-to-use visual interface makes the device suitable for the end-user to make faster business decisions, based on the output from various predictive models.

ATHENA’s easy-to-use visual interface enables the end-user to make faster business decisions based on the output from various predictive models

Inside the Master minds

Founded in late 2014, Neewee’s prime focus has always been towards leveraging predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring solutions for IoT analytics and its applications, while its other offerings like data science, text analytics and BI & visualization services serve as a complimentary. All of its analytics solutions are based on data sciences and provides descriptive as well as prescriptive analytics. The text analytics and NLP-based algorithms help Neewee to dive through maintenance documents, asset information and knowledge base to create a profile of any Industrial asset. “The various statistical and Machine Learning algorithms empower us to identify unique patterns in data to help develop predictions in terms of performance of any asset,” adds Nataraj Soorkod, Co-Founder and CTO.
Fueling the process, BI & Visualization solutions empowers a business’ management reporting system to efficiently track the trends and data patterns, through its strategic and tactical dashboards. ATHENA provides best of these worlds and devises organizations to cut overall cost and accelerate growth. In addition, the platform has security features built in and the company also supports Strong authentication, such as OAuth, Token-based Authentication and encryption to secure information.

Keeping customer at its helm, Neewee serves them directly or via partner organizations. With models that can be customized as per client’s needs. The company’s primary go-to market strategy is to work on a per-use basis based on analytical models, data volumes, computations and point solutions. “The challenge in adopting this model in B2B is the ability to define the deliverables clearly. Nevertheless, we think we have done a good job in defining it on our platform pricing,” explains Suyog Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO, Neewee.

Scripting Success

However, what sets Neewee apart is the caliber of the people working together to script its success. With a strong core team of eight experts – whose skills compliments each other, the company wishes to add more differentiators and models to ATHENA, expand its customer’s portfolio and geography. Neewee is looking forward to enable such growth through strong partnership with IoT hardware companies and necessary funds.