Neurapses Technologies: Improving Data Analytics with Novel Solutions

Vikash Sharma,DirectorThe growth of data – both structured and unstructured, has been presenting challenges for organizations over the years. Growing data volumes demand the extraction of valuable real-time information from IT systems, without which businesses risk being swamped by a data deluge. With mobile services, social network and real-time information driving big data, there is a need for providers who have a thorough understanding of data architecture and analysis tools. And then apply business intelligence with sophisticated algorithms and business logic to help enterprises tackle the big data world. Understanding this need, Bangalore headquartered Neurapses Technologies has taken a step forward to venture into the data analytics domain to address the key issues of extracting valuable insight from data in a cost effective way.

Incorporated in 2016 and led by two accomplished directors with rich experience in all facets of data analytics, Neurapses comprises a sophisticated team of 5 experts
logistics, supply chain process and machine learning. This expertise has been leveraged in creating services for mainly image processing, data extraction and analysis using machine
with sound technical expertise spanning across domains such as text analytics, pattern recognition,learning and optimization.Thus, bringing together data discovery and analytic tools that unravel the complexity of these operations while minimizing time and costs incurred for customers. “We are focused on helping our clients build a successful business by designing innovations that minimize the gap between technology and imagination,” says Ram Kishan Sharma, Director, Neurapses Technologies.

Neurapses adopts an inclusive approach and attempts to simultaneously tackle the volume as well as business aspects of data

When it comes to data extraction, Neurapses proffers diverse solutions that cater to different data mediums such as email, invoice or pdf data extraction and classification. In order to help enterprises gain faster business insights, Neurapses adopts an inclusive approach and attempts to simultaneously tackle the volume as well as business aspects of data. The company utilizes parallel processing and increased
computation power to navigate big volumes and their advanced extraction tools to uncover relevant data and convert it into meaningful information in record time. To bring in greater efficiencies in carrying out statistical analysis of data, the company undertakes machine learning that utilizes algorithms which iteratively learn from data, uncovering hidden insights and patterns from them. Machine learning in combination with the predictive analysis is also used to detect existing patterns and relationships, assess risks and thus optimize business processes.

Furthermore, Neurapses implements image processing and classification, optimizing another aspect of data mining. To help clients leverage maximum benefits of the above technologies, the team of Neurapses offers consultancy services, providing solutions that are customized to the specific needs and problems of users. “We maintain a healthy relation in both industry and academic world. Thus, try to bridge the gap for a better solution and further reduce it by continuous research work,” says Vikash Sharma, Director, Neurapses Technologies.

Having had a great head start into the Data Analytics domain with a plethora of services, the team of Neurapses believes in doing away with pre-existing methodologies and adopting novel methods to keep up with new age technology. The company aims to utilize the exhaustive knowledge and expertise of their team to further themselves in this space and design their solutions as a service to fit distinct customer needs.