Neutrawell Healthcare: Promoting Health & Wellness via Transformative Neutraceuticals

 Nitin Kumar Singh,   DirectorThe total value of the worldwide market for nutraceuticals, estimated at $291.33 billion in 2022, is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR)of 9.4 percent from 2023 to 2030. Preventive healthcare, rising rates of illnesses linked to a sedentary lifestyle, and growing consumer interest in diets that promote health are the main reasons propelling market expansion. The adventure of Neutrawell Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (NHPL), a distinctive nutraceuticals company, began in 2019. In the nutraceutical sector, Neutrawell ranks as one of the top businesses that are expanding most rapidly. The business collaborates in the production of products for nutraceuticals, health supplements, sports nutrition, and FSDU.

Neutrawell was established by three partners, Nitin Kumar Singh, Pravesh Garg, and Sachin Gupta. Having worked in the field for over twenty years, the three individuals set out to build something of their own, leading to the founding of Neutrawell. Today, the company has reached tremendous heights on account of the excellent product range, commitment to quality, timely delivery, the cost-effectiveness of the product, emphasis on meeting regulatory compliances, and provision of complete end-to-end services from Product Formulation in R&D to product packaging in different pack profiles.

“We believe in magnificent Formulation & Development of new products through science based innovation with the help of our professionals. NHPL provides you the end-to-end solutions from formulation to product
Launch. Our professional endeavor is to provide high quality products in the society with affordable prices to make a difference in the community with high customer satisfaction”, shares Nitin Kumar Singh, Director, NHPL.

Neutrawell is a leading manufacturing partner for some of the most renowned supplemental healthcare brands. The firm’s strong R&D capabilities have allowed it to become one of the most preferred manufacturing partners. To ensure consistency of product quality, the firm has set up dedicated quality assurance and quality control teams as well as specified quality standards which are checked at multiple points throughout the production phase. Only upon meeting the determined parameters are the products rolled out to the clients.

Neutrawell is a leading manufacturing partner for some of the most renowned supplemental healthcare brands

The company’s areas of operations include formulation and development, planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control, resource management and welfare, health, safety, and environment(HSE), and customer interaction and feedback. Providing complete end-to-end services, the company ensures that the manufactured goods are being positively received by the markets. This has allowed the business to establish trust worthiness in the industry and led to tremendous year on year growth. Beginning with a revenue of 2.5 crores in its first year, NHPL has reached a revenue of 58 crores in just four years.

Future Roadmap
“The company’s future growth plans are aligned with our vision to serve humanity with innovation and affordable healthcare solutions, as well as our mission to become a global leader through constant transformation, develop products using advanced and efficient technology and processes, foster a supportive work culture and become a desired employer in the industry, engage with all the stakeholders and consistently exceed their expectations, as well as pay back to the society and contribute to the conservation of future generations”, further adds Nitin.

The firm’s future plans include expanding the manufacturing facility and also including a more diverse range of products. Since the company currently only offers powder based products, the next phase of expansion is aimed at including products in the form of capsules, liquids, as well as bars. With a strategic plan chalked out, Neutrawell is poised to accomplish all its goals and much more in the coming years.