NextGen Life Sciences: Purchasing Convenience and Comprehensive Services for Life Science Industry

Nagma Abbasi, Founder
Dr. Nagma Abbasi
Managing Director

An ardent researcher and a Biotech professional, Dr. Nagma Abbasi’s career spans over a decade working with some of the Esteemed Research Institutes and leading companies in Life Science industry across various verticals like Product management, customer segmentation, brand management, and strategic marketing. Enthusiastic Nagma always gets involved and sometimes lost in everything she does. During her last stints, her role was of a key accounts manager and she was responsible for end-to-end services. Unfortunately, one morning she was stigmatized by the news that her position was dissolved. In fact, was more shocked as she never had a Plan B. But this came to her as a turning point in her life which eventually turned her to be an entrepreneur. Hitting her head hard on thinking what’s next, Nagma instead of searching for a new job opted to set her ship sail on the entrepreneurial voyage.

“Working in the industry for quite a long period I was quick to sense the underlying gaps and the absence of single point of contact that could meet all the industry’s dimensional needs. Looking into the matter, I decided to venture out and work
towards continuous development. Thus, born out of the strong desire is NextGen Life Sciences,” speaks Nagma Abbasi, Founder & CEO, NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

" Collaborating with partners from USA, Europe, Singapore and other South East Asia countries for distribution, manufacturing and R&D, NextGen is initiating the freezer program, for quick, easy and local access to a comprehensive range of lab consumables"

An ISO 9001:2015 certified NextGen Life Sciences understands the scientific needs of the customers and brings in the table perfect solutions as the most innovative solution provider. The company bridges the gap in understanding the needs and pains of Indian Researchers of Life Science Industry and helping Scientists and Biotech Leaders to get an insight on the recent innovation and technologies assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter of the products.

Quality Driven, Competitive Price, Real-Time Solutions
NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. since its inception in 2014 has captivated to be a single source of facility and to cater the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development and more and help our customers to accelerate life sciences research.

Following the three core principles viz. - ‘Value, Service and Support’ NextGen Life Sciences sole focus is on the scientific research needs and customers. “At NextGen, we at
the first hand try to get an insight of the customers need by exchange ideas, understand the complete workflow and expected results, which in turn help us to suggest customers with best possible solutions to suit their needs with allocated budgets as Life Science Industry facing the fund crunch nowadays. Right from inventory management to managing upstream and downstream level products we offer solutions for instrumentation, Reagents, Consumables, Gene Synthesis, Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics services for scientific investigation and diagnosis.

New Delhi based NextGen with a team of 12 people works very closely to gain recognition, success, and growth with a focus on scientist's research needs. Collaborating with partners from USA, Europe, Singapore and other South East Asian countries for distribution business and Services, the company is soon initiating the freezer program for quick, easy, and local access to a comprehensive range of lab consumables. “We believe freezer program will Increase lab productivity and customers can access products though simple and convenient on-site stocking program,” adds Nagma. Catering to almost 75+ B2B clients and institutes such as Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, National Institute of Immunology, Quest Diagnostic, AIIMS, AMU, JNU, Delhi University NextGen’s futuristic plan is to set up R &D and develop an online portal along with launching our own Brand product based on international standards.