Nimba Nature Cure: Premium Naturopathy and Wellness Retreat

Over the years, naturopathy has gained popularity around the globe because of its effective and safe healing techniques. India with its age-old tradition of Ayurveda and yoga has become a naturopathy hub. The present-day lifestyle has brought in a number of diseases among individuals like stress, anxiety, and rise in blood sugar levels, pressure and cholesterol. As a result, more and more people have started opting for naturopathic treatments. The naturopathy hubs are promoting living in harmony with nature that can be beneficial to improve overall health in ways more than we can imagine.

Nimba Nature Cure is Western India’s premier Naturopathy and Wellness Centre that offers physical, psychological and spiritual health overhaul, with the help of the power of the nature. “Our body is capable of healing itself by maintaining the effective balance of the mind, the body and the soul. If this balance deviates from the normal, it creates health complications and general disorder in the body systems. At Nimba, you can benefit from the distinctive synergism between modern science, traditional practices and ancient wisdom; with professional guidance,” mentions Jayant Bokadia, CEO, Nimba Nature Cure.

A unique Naturopathy & wellness centre practicing the art and science of natural healing, Nimba applies best wellness and Naturopathy solutions in their purest and most feasible form. Nimba has its roots in the ancient Indian scriptures, ‘Nimbati Syasthyamdadati’ which means ‘to give good health’. Nimba is a proverbial tree which bestows perfect, complete and imperishable health to everyone, which is why it is also known as ‘Arista’. Every part of a Nimba tree gives amazing health benefits. Team Nimba Nature Cure inherits the essence of naturopathy in their wellness treatments and ardently believes that nature can cure any disease.

In fact, Nimba is known to be one of the largest Naturopathy centres in India that offers the chance to revive the crucial equilibrium of the five basic elements of life - Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether and believes them to possess the secret healing power for treating any disease. “At Nimba, you can treat these elements also known as Panch Mahabhoota, bringing them back to normalcy, thereby restoring the optimum health of your body,” says Jayant.

The First Step Towards Wellness!
Nimba Nature Cure follows Jainism as a way of life which prescribes most of the nature cure philosophy and practices. While deliberating on the desire to give back to society, environment and to the nation, Nimba was established. During the last three years, the experience with the patients with difficult medical conditions has been extremely satisfying and team Nimba has created clinical history for various clients suffering from, MS, Addictions, psoriasis, acid refluxes, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, amongst others.

Team Nimba plans to build a holistic ecosystem where they not only own a centre but constantly work on spreading the awareness about Naturopathy in the world. “Our vision is to pave the path towards drug less soul which combines Nature Cure with Yoga, Meditation, Disciplined Lifestyle with no side effects,” informs Jayant.

A multi-dimensional wellness centre, Nimba makes retreat programs that are scientifically designed in such a way that one can see the difference in no time. Jayant adds, “One need not to go to different places as we have all lifestyle solutions available here under one umbrella.”

Harnessing the Power of Healing Amidst Nature
Offering health enthusiasts experience the goodness of the best wellness programs, Nimba Nature Cure has been built with the vision to transform the over
dependence on perpetual suppression of symptoms, facilities that hone one of active promotion, restoration, and wellness on physical mental, emotional and spiritual level through Naturopathy and disciplined lifestyle.

Jayant Bokadia,CEO
Jayant Bokadia, CEO

"A Multi-Dimensional Wellness Centre, Nimba Makes Retreat Programs That Are Scientifically Designed In Such A Way That One Can See The Difference In No Time"

Nimba Nature Cure is beautifully designed to promote self-healing. The centre has 30 acers of lush green area, with Nakshatra garden, Labyrinth garden, therapy area, yoga hall, meditation cave, walking trek, water bodies, with nature showering its blessings in its purest form with almost 10 acres of organic farm cultivating fresh vegetables which are being used in the kitchen.

Amid the serenity of the nature and fresh air to soothe soul, Nimba offers a combination of therapies like Ayurveda treatments, naturopathy therapies, meditation, raga therapy, acupressure, physiotherapy, and others. These therapies are intended to treat diseases and detoxify body and improve general health. It is focussed on combination of lifestyle changes by Detox and natural diets, Ayurveda treatment, yogic healings, meditations, physiotherapy and few other specialized therapies like raga therapy, hot stone therapy, to name a few.

The centre has a healthy client base who are health seekers irrespective of age, sex and country and other international and domestic clienteles with innumerable success stories and huge testimony records. “We have hospitals tied up with us for Post-operative care of their patients which we coin as Wellness Tourism. We have had celebrities like Motilal Oswal, Vivek Oberoi, Anurag Kashyap, Niranjan Hiranandani, Ketan Desai, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, Niranjan Iyer visiting us and appreciating their experience at Nimba,” smiles Jayant.

For explore amazing benefits of corporate stress relief and corporate weight loss therapies and get the best performance from the employees, Nimba offers special programs for corporates to destress and rejuvenate. Throwing light on, Jayant says, “We are equally concerned about our work place and our work force as much as we are concerned about our guests. We have specially designed food menus to provide them with proper nutrition for healthy living.”

He further adds, “We conduct motivational lecture and on job training sessions to keep them abreast with the latest teachings and this leads to skill development and improved professional competency. We try to make them multi skill. Time to time there are cultural activities which keeps them connected. Hence, they are dedicated and devoted to their work.”

The centre also conducts workshops and awareness programs for the top management level so that they can understand the importance of holistic wellness and can incorporate in their curriculum. Some of their esteemed clienteles are ONGC, IFFCO, Cadila Pharma, Arvind ltd, Zydus wellness, Nirma university, and Apollo Munich.

Nimba Nature Cure for Good Health & Good Life
An outstanding management and internationally acclaimed team of doctors, professional therapist and the overall hospitality is what sets Nimba Nature Cure stand out in the
crowd. They have a very fine1: 10 doctor to patient ratio. There are daily consultations held with patients to monitor their progress to improve their well being. There is a dietician to monitor their customised naturopathy diets. Beyond doubt, the team’s personal attention to each guest with holistic approach of treatment as well as counselling for making lifestyle changes is a silver lining.There is also a post treatment care for clients that the team ensures.

The centre has been a part of many awareness programs, Government organized events, Corporate Lectures and interactive sessions for promoting Naturopathy and Ayurveda as a lifestyle to prevent from diseases. “We have joined hands with Narcotics Control Bureau for drug deaddiction programs as well,” he avers.

A challenging yet fulfilling journey in the wellness sector best defines the growth of Nimba Nature Cure over the years. In a short period of four years, the centre has set a bench mark in Gujrat and listed amongst one of the top 10 naturopathy centres in India. In terms of revenue, Nimba has been growing at a rate of 11percent per annum and is projecting 18 percent growth in near future - covering all age group with having no boundaries. At present, they are serving guests from all across India, USA, UK, Kenya, Canada and many more. “We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Oswal Group with Senior mentors on the Board,” he informs.

For the years to come, team Nimba Nature Cure wishes to convert itself into a Wellness city combining the Pyramid Mediation, Vipasana, Forest Bathing, Healing Garden, and Health Café with naturopathy cuisine and many more alternative healing methods under one roof. “Because of the over whelming response to our concept, we have plans to expand our self to a capacity of 100 rooms in near future,” Jayant concludes.

Jayant Bokadia, CEO, Nimba Nature Care
Jayant is young dynamic and a fitness freak. He starts his daily as early as 4 in the morning. Yoga and meditation have now become a part of his lifestyle. He is very conscious of what he eats, though he calls himself a foodie and is a strong advocate of ‘Health and Wellness’.

In spite of the growing concerns, Jayant feels that there is a lot that needs to be done in the field of preventive wellness. He takes immense pride in the phenomenal break through that Nimba Nature Cure has made in the lives of people by our programs/ packages. Nimba has till date 6300 success cases out of which they have also treated some of the extreme case on diabetes/ arthritis/weight management/ Parkinson/ anaemia.

MR. B. H. Bokadia, Chairman, Nimba Nature Cure
Mr. Bokadia had a strong belief that nature can cure any disease - at a relatively lesser cost than another system of medicines and without creating side effects. To reaffirm his faith in Naturopathy, he visited best nature cure centres in India, which gave him the confidence to start a nature cure centre and wellness centre that reflects his own unique vision. After a long journey of research on Naturopathy and other natural ways of healing, he decided to establish a nature cure centre and luxury wellness retreat in Gujarat to make the amazing benefits of nature cure available to everyone. Today, NIMBA Nature Cure Village has become western India’s one of the best naturopathy & wellness retreat.

Quick Facts
1. Year of Establishment: 2015
2. No. Of Employees: 95
3. Headquarter & Branches: Mehsana, Gujarat
4. Awards & Recognition: Gujarat Tourism Award 2016, Assocham Award 2015, National Healthcare Award 2016