Nimboo Ras: Revolutionizing the Food & Beverage Industry through D2C Startups

Jatin Shah,  CEOAs consumers increasingly prioritize convenience and health in their food choices, D2C food and beverage startups are likely to continue growing in popularity. Nimboo Ras, a startup that offers authentic Indian lemon juice concentrate made with high-quality, all natural ingredients, is an excellent example of a D2C startup that has disrupted the beverage industry. By utilizing digital channels, Nimboo Ras has been able to establish a direct connection with consumers, providing them with a personalized and unique experience. Nimboo Ras is a 100 percent substitute for real lemons, perfect for busy housewives and the Hotel- Restaurant-Catering industries.

Like many other companies, the firm also faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our consumer base was hit hard, and we experienced some losses. To overcome this, we took the opportunity to innovate and develop our lemon juice concentrate. However, this was not without its own set of challenges. Eliminating the bitter taste from the lemon peel was a difficult task that required six to eight months of intense research and development. We had to reinvent our machinery to produce pure juice with no bitterness, which took time and resources. Despite these challenges, we were able to source high quality lemons by working directly with farmers from Maharashtra and North India”, says Jatin Shah, CEO, Nimboo Ras.
The firm is a unique startup that offers a pure lemon juice concentrate with only 0.1 percent visibility, making it a cost-effective alternative to fresh lemons. “What sets us apart is our patented bottle, which gives the user the feel of using fresh lemon juice. We are the first to introduce this product in India, and it does not contain added sugar, water, or essence. With a focus on providing a natural and healthy option, our product is a natural immunity booster and is also beneficial for reducing stomach upset”, speaks Jatin. The company's ultimate goal is to have its product appreciated globally. Although they are currently selling on platforms such as Jiomart, Amazon, and Flipkart, and have recruited 60 to 70 percent of the clients, the firm strives for more recognition.

Nimboo Ras offers numerous advantages and benefits to its consumers. The company's pure lemon juice concentrate can be utilized in various ways, such as adding it to water in the morning to aid in weight loss or incorporating a few drops in food to prevent stomach discomfort while dining outside. Furthermore, it serves as a natural immunity booster and possesses various medicinal properties. The product's tamperproof packaging is easy to transport, enabling consumers to use it while on the go, and it is also patented. Additionally, it is zero percent waste, with even a single drop of the concentrate being adequate to provide flavor and benefits, rendering it an economical choice for households. It's a pure, fresh, and natural lemon juice concentrate that’s just squeezed to use it. With 0.01 percent preservative and 99.99 percent pure lemon juice, it offers an authentic taste without any added cost or effort.

The future of the firm is bright as it continues to focus on expanding its bottling plants and meeting the increasing demand for the products. “We are currently working on the technical aspects of our manufacturing process to improve our efficiency and quality control and are planning to expand our product reach by tying up with all e-commerce online platforms. Our aim is to introduce new products that are unique to the Indian market and meet the diverse needs of our customers”, mentions Jatin. The company is committed to sustainability and will continue to innovate and create environmentally friendly products.