No Rubbish: A Beauty Company Committed to Sustainability

 Chirag Panchani & Meghnad Pathak,   Co-FoundersAs people's disposable incomes rise along with their knowledge of personal grooming, the market for beauty products and other personal care products is expanding in India. There is enormous potential for beauty and personal care companies in India which was placed fourth in terms of revenue produced in the category. Earlier, brands dictated what was best for the customer, but today, it's the consumers who make the demands. No Rubbish is a stunner brand that cares about both client's interest and nature.

No Rubbish is the first company in India to be 100 percent plastic neutral and free of virgin plastic and the idea behind was to fill a market need with an honest and transparent brand. They believed there was a lot of disinformation and green washing on the market. Plastic was blamed for its excessive use even though it is one of humankind's greatest creations; the issue is how you use and discard it. They sought a company that offered high quality goods without endangering the environment. No Rubbish created the packaging in such a manner that it has an infinite life and can be reused for a variety of purposes also, they are constructed entirely of recycled plastic, so no new plastic is manufactured. All products are natural and devoid of harsh chemicals. "We have natural,
cruelty free skincare and hair care products that are multi functional and for your everyday use. We are the first brand in India that is 100 percent virgin plastic free and plastic neutral", speaks Meghnad Pathak, Co-Founder, No Rubbish.

Investing in Sustainable Solutions
No Rubbish is a personal care business that was founded on the idea that looking for one's health and the health of the environment go hand in hand. They define sustainability as living in a way that doesn't jeopardize the future of the younger generations. Their mission is to provide their customers with high quality items that are beneficial for both them and the environment.

We are the first brand in India that is 100 percent virgin plastic free and plastic neutral

Since No Rubbish is a company opposed to landfills and believes that selfcare should not be considered selfish, they developed a send-back programme to allow customers to send back their empty packaging and any additional packaging they chose to discard for recycling. To establish a space where customers can buy highend lifestyle items without worrying about damaging the environment their objective is to construct a business focused on honesty, integrity, compassion, creativity and fun. "All our products are packed into reusable recycled plastic jars. After using the product the customer can opt to send us back our packaging along with any other brand's packaging for recycling with our send back program", shares Meghnad Pathak.

The formulas for No rubbish were created by Co-Founder Chirag Panchani, a chemical engineer and a certified cosmetologist. They did not want to rely on manufacturers for formulas they believe it is preferable if they own it and also have an inhouse marketing team led by co-founder Meghnad Pathak. No rubbish's journey has been fantastic thus far one of the most essential things that they value is recurring clients, and fortunately, No Rubbish has had a very high retention rate from the beginning. They make it a point to engage with clients to obtain feedback and the goal is to raise awareness.

No rubbish intends to introduce additional goods to its catalogue in the future, as well as new verticals such as home care and recycled accessories. In the years to come, they want to associate no wastage with a mindful lifestyle.