Node Technologies: One-Stop-Shop for Enterprise Sales Software

Tito Vatapilly,Co-Founder & CEO

Tito Vatapilly

Co-Founder & CEO

Mobile is the new nuclear weapon of the technology domain. Everyone wants to reap the benefit as much as they can. Even organizations are planning to use this magic wand to streamline their department, which though is crucial, is left unattended – the Sales Department. Unfortunately, most systems designed for sales people end up in scrap due to poor performance. But not SalesGo – a suite of applications (SalesGo Truth, SalesGo Leads, SalesGo DSR & SalesGo Visits) from Node Technologies that empower sales performance and enable sales people to effectively carry on their everyday activities. The customized suite of solutions focuses on the most critical sales aspects and automates the process with mobile, thus enabling companies to track sales performance, gain insights into their channel behaviour and help increase sales conversion.

The Emergence

SalesGo is an exemplary of Node Technologies that came into
existence in 2010 after a spin off
from Einstix Technologies India where Tito Vatapilly and Amabrish Chaudhari where acting as board of directors. Currently the duo looks after the same division in Node with a focus on enterprise mobility for the India market after they apprehended the mobile revolution in India. Tito says, “Einstix was essentially into mobile services developing products. Many companies in the U.S. had outsourced some of their work to us. So we had done interesting work in mobile payments, blogging and publishing sectors.In 2010, we realized the potential of smartphones in India and started Node Technologies”.

Sturdily ingrained with an ideology of partaking a zeal for ‘making more white space’, Node technologies is acclimatizing into simplicity consulting as it considered there’s enough created, written and sketched on the white canvas of the world to remodel. The Bangalore head quartered company follows customer success models (the combination of managed services and SaaS), which ensure customer benefits by offering simplest yet consistent & imposing products in the enterprise mobility space. Under this model, Node takes shared responsibility of the adoption of its products by enterprises and helps the enterprise through the entire

life cycle of the project. Node's services are obtainable across all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and even
mobile browsers of features phones and desktops. When asked about the competition, Tito says, “CRM is an established space and Node faces competition from many a big Goliaths in the space. Our David like agility and focus is what makes us tick”.

Node's Driven Team

Driven by a motivated and intense squad of 27 individuals, Node's team are expertise in technology, advertising, marketing, finance, anthropology, psychology, art and law. This team, which has set the wheel moving, has decoded all its customer issues and abridged their channel enablement processes and formulated the company as one-stop-shop for enterprise mobility space. The company is a fusion of diverse ideas, cultures, motivations and backgrounds focusing on mobile sales enablement solutions. This has led the company garner huge recognition among its clients that includes IBM, Apple, Cisco, Lenovo, Schneider Electric, State Bank of India and many more.

Future Roadmap

Seeking to carry out justice to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) principle, Node aims to widen its wings by escalating the numbers of clients across diverse verticals and bring on-board more SMEs in a couple of years. With its pan India team, Node envisions being the world's top 10 organizations in the enterprise mobility space in the following 10 years.