Novel Patterns: Hand Holding Clients in Embracing Technology to Drive Business Growth

  Abhishek Singh,    Co-Founder

Abhishek Singh


Today's business technology continues to have a major impact on the world. It has played a significant role in the huge growth in trade and commerce that we are currently witnessing. Modernization of IT infrastructure yields creative solutions that enable small businesses to realize their full potential. The future is bright for organizations ready to embrace change, from Infrastructure as a Service to high-speed internet to cloud technologies. Novel Patterns is a team of technology evangelists who strive to deliver better tech enabled items to diverse industries in a cost-effective package catering to major enterprises to automate their process and reduce any redundancy or ill-efficiencies. The company’s primary areas of attention are Banking procedures and Middle and Back office Investment Management Operations.

“We are utilizing technology innovations to provide simplified solutions in Investment Management, Retail and Corporate Banking, Healthcare, Aviation, Insurance, and Manufacturing landscapes. The company was founded with a vision of delivering technical innovations to customers enabling simplified and cost-effective operations”, says Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder at Novel Patterns.

Novel Patterns outstrips clients expectations by leveraging technological advancements to give streamlined solutions with best-in-class
services and support. To meet the demands of the business, the company offers a wide range of services and solutions, including account aggregation services, investment management, credit assessment automation, video KYC, PD & document sharing, AI & Big Data Management. Novel Patterns also provides asset management, portfolio management, fund accounting, retail and corporate banking, and video driven customer onboarding to meet real-time functional domains.

A One-Stop Solution Provider
Novels Genesis is a robust product that handles a wide range of Investment Management (multi geography/multi assets/multi currency) requirements, including Portfolio Management, Investment Accounting, Client Management, Family Offices, Reporting & Compliance, and Alternative Investment.

Novel Patterns outstrips clients expectations by leveraging technological advancements to give streamlined solutions with best-in-class services & support

Furthermore, Novel provides a disruptive solution for banks and NBFCs called C.A.R.T, which leverages machine learning and image processing techniques (including OCR) to extract financial information from bank statements, passbooks, ITR, GST, Salary Slips, Balance sheets, P&L statements, and other documents, enabling cost effective and faster credit decision making.

Another notable product is Data Dimensions, which runs in Big data and advanced analytics framework and addresses all four quadrants of the data management environment Data Acquisition, Data Lake, Visualization, and Data Science. It is a data science model accelerator for AI-driven document data extraction, image analysis, streaming data analytics, and model creation.

Lastly, MyConCall is a regulatory compliant and configurable Video KYC, Document sharing, and PD tool that uses face matching, NLP powered text matching, location matching, call scheduling, and offline Aadhar and PAN verification to accelerate customer onboarding and verification (In Indian Context).

“We work as technology enablers, giving value to the whole banking industry retail, corporate, and investment banking with technologies that assist huge conglomerates with platforms in gathering velocity and achieving their digital ambitions with exponential growth streamlined operations", concludes Amit Kumar Trivedi, Co-Founder at Novel Patterns.