Nurithm Labs: Building World Class Artificial Intelligence Driven Dermatological Solutions

Vikas Chouhan, FounderWith the market for skin disease growing faster than that of diabetes and heart ailments in the country, India has a great demand for these specialists. But having less than one specialist per 100,000 people, there exist an acute shortage of dermatologists in the space. Seeing the inadequacy in the system, Vikas Chouhan felt the strong desire to do some thing for the betterment of the society and he came up with the idea of a startup venture that could impact the problems prevailing in the sector. Keen on building a world leading technology, Vikas met with Dr. Somesh Gupta, AIIMS who shared his vision of using AI in dermatology and conducting highest quality research development out of India. This joint vision of Vikas and Dr. Somesh led to the foundation of Delhibased Nurithm Labs. “The idea of exploring dermatology came up since dermatological conditions are widespread and difficult to diagnose and treat. We started with doing a small prototype of 10 diseases and once it showed positive results,we knew that this is some thing we want to go forward with in order to build a worldclass solution,”says Vikas Chouhan, Founder.

Focused on bringing about a paradigm shift in how healthcare is made available to the patients, Nurithm Labs came up with its own
clinical decision support tool ‘Derma Aid.’ The application can diagnose 40 of the most commonly occurring skin disease and oral conditions wherein you just need to click the lesion image from within the application, fill an interactive questionnaire about the disease and by pressing the submit button send the information to a secure server. The server then returns a diagnosis along with three possible predictions. “Our primary use case is to augment general physicians and enable them to provide much improved diagnosis and treatment to patients directly without having to refer them to specialists,” informs Vikas.

Focused on bringing about a paradigm shift in how healthcare is made available to the patients, Nurithm Labs came up with its own clinical decision support tool‘Derma Aid

Backed by a team of experienced engineers and clinicians, Nurithm Labs is consistently leveraging the use of technology in its operations and the company’s application has even outperformed not only the general physicians but also the dermatologists. Derma Aid is available on both Android and iOS platform and has been used on about 3500 patients in India and has delivered precise results. The application is expected to bring about a remarkable transformation in the healthcare industry by delivering quicker and accurate results at a cost that is at least three times lower than current costs. Curated in a clinical setting with intuitive and user friendly navigation features, Nurithm Labs is earnest on providing quality care to patients by reducing price points.

As Nurithm Labs continues to sow the seeds of success, the company still has a long way to go. The company is feverishly working towards getting 60 disease classes in its application portfolio before the end of 2019 and expand to 100 disease classes by the year 2020. It has also signed an MoU with a large NGO to evaluate its mobile phone based solution to screen patients for oral cancer in Mohalla clinics. “We are adding helpful videos and other content that will enable healthcare workers to do early screening, triaging and refer patients to see a specialist. We are also in the process of adding some patented features to further improve our diagnostic capability while enabling a stronger patient doctor relationship by bolstering the physician through additional AI driven aids,” he concludes.